NFAEE is the one and only all India Federation of Atomic Energy Worker, recognised by Government of india/Department of Atomic Energy (DAE).

It represents the Industrial, Research & Development and Service organisations under Department of Atomic Energy.

26 Unions and associations of DAE Employees recognised under CCS (RSA) Rule are affiliated with NFAEE

Friday, December 19, 2008

National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees
Recognised by DAE vide DAE OM No. 8/1/2007 – IR&W/95 dated 13th June 2007
JCM Office, Brindavan, Anusaktinagar, Mumbai 400 094
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Ref. No: nfaee/sg/08/203 19.12.2008


All Affiliates,

Dear Comrades,

24 hours Long Fast at Mumbai on 17th December 2008 and Day Long Fast at DAE units on 18th December 2008 were conducted in almost all DAE units. A brief report as per the available information at Head Quarters is given below:


24 Hours Long Fast was started at EKTA CHOWK, Anushakti Nagar Mumbai at 4.30 pm on 17th December 2008. The Fast was formally inaugurated by Com. G. Maniachari, President NFAEE. In the fast following Secretariat members of NFAEE and Office Bearers/Executive Committee Members of various affiliates were participated.

G. Maniachari President NFAEE
& Gen. Secretary HWEU HWP Tuticorin
Jayaraj.K.V Secretary General NFAEE
M. Sangaih Working President NFAEE
G.K. Pandey Working President NFAEE
& Gen. Sec BARCFEA, BARCF Kalpakkam
K.G.Bilaskar Treasurer NFAEE
S.R. Singh Secretary NFAEE
H.C.Tiwari Secretary NFAEE
P.M.Worlikar Secretariat Member NFAEE
& President, AEWSU, BARC Mumbai
T.Mohan President AEEA, IGCAR Kalpakkam
K.V.Murugaraj President GSOSA, GSO Kalpakkam
Vijayakumar Gen Secretary GSOSA, GSO Kalpakkam
T. Anji Reddy Jt. Secretary NFCEA, NFC Hyderabad
M. Venkat Reddy Jt. Secretary HWP(M)EA, HWP Manuguru
M.I.Parmar President BPKS HWP Baroda
R.K.Yadav President RAKU HWP Kota
J.K.Singh Jt. Secretary HWEU HWP Talcher
Bijoy Nandi Vice President VECCSA VECC Kolkotta
M.K.Das EC Member VECCSA VECC Kolkotta
Prasant Sonkade President DPS(DAE)EA DPS Mumbai
R.S. Tokle Gen Secretary HWBSA HWB Mumbai
Sunil Pawar Gen Secretary DCSEMSA DCSEM Mumbai
P.F. Doble Vice President DCSEMSA DCSEM Mumbai
G.P. Singh MC Member AEWSU BARC Mumbai
C. Suresh Kumar Member AEWSU BARC Mumbai
Gautam Choudhuri Member AEWSU BARC Mumbai
Surve MC Member AEWSU BARC Mumbai

Office Bearers of Atomic Energy Retirees Association (AERWA) visited the Pandal & Addressed by Shri Narurkar Gern Secretary (AERWA) and Shri K. Raghavendra Editor of the journal AERWA. Also the Shri Ram Dhuri President TIFR Staff Association also visited the participants in the 24 hours long fast.

On 18th December 2008 at 12.30 a lunch hour meeting was organized at the Pandal at EKTA CHOWK in which more than 300 employees from DPS, DCS&EM, HWB from VS Bhavan and the DCSEM sites attended the meeting. Meeting was addressed by Com. Jayaraj.K.V, G. Maniachari, Sunil Pawar, Prasant Sonkade, R.S. Tokle & P.M.Worlikar

At 13.00 hours on 18th December 2008 a Lunch Hour meeting was organised at the Parking Place of Central Complex, BARC in support of the 24 hours Long Fast which was addressed by Com. A. Sreedharan General Secretary AEWS Union, BARC and Com. N.J. Shukla. The meeting at CC was attended by more than 1000 employees.

The 24 Hours Long Fast was concluded at 4.30 pm on 18th December 2008. Fast was break by giving Coconut water to Com. G. maniachari by Shri. S.S. Ramachandran Secretary General, Central Confederation of Pensioners Association, New Delhi. Shri Ramachandran delivered a speech on the occasion and called upon all serving employees to join in the agitation against the retrograded recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission and congratulated the effort initiated by NFAEE against the discriminatory approach of the Department as well as the Government. Com. Maniachari too addressed the gathering and the meeting was concluded at 5.30 pm with a vote of thanks by Com. A. Sreedharan.


As per the information received at Head Quarters following places the affiliates of NFAEE conducted successfully the Day Long Fast in various DAE units through out the Country.


At Kalpakkam under the banner of JAC of DAE Employees Kalpakkam, Day Long Fast was conducted from 6.00 am onwards. In the about 68 office bearers& Executive committee members of AEEA (IGCAR), BARCFEA (BARC facilities), GSO SA (GSO), TAPEU (MAPS), MAPSA (MAPS), DPS (DAE) EA (MRPU) AND Secretariat members of NFAEE participated in the Fast. A meeting was organized at 600 pm. All the units in Kalpakkam including KINCOSS (a society at MAPS) have given their support by providing Shawls to all the 68 participants. At about 6.15 pm the hunger strike was ended with juices and biscuits.


The Day Long Fast was started at 0800 Hrs. Total 12 Office Bearers and Executive members participated in the Day Long Fast. At 1700 Hrs started Gate meeting with General Shift-I employees. Fasting and meeting concluded at 1800 Hrs with G-II employees.


The Day Long Fast was started by 8.30 am at NFC main gate. A tent was placed ahead of the gate. The programme took from morning 8.30 AM to evening 4.30 PM. In this, M B Vijay Kumar Yadav (President), Shankar Reddy, Mohammad Majheed, N Rajaiah Goud, R Chandra Shekar Rao (Vice President), Roop Chand, Raju (Asst Sec), Jaya Prakash, Poornachander Rao, Devi Kuar, Gopi (Org Sec), R Chandra Shekar (Gen Sec) and 20 Executive Members and Raghuramaiah Vice President, NFAEE participated.
Large number of employees took part in the meeting hold in the morning. Also in the afternoon, Admin, Accts, DPS, Shop floor Employees including women workers assembled in the Pandal. The Fast was concluded in the evening after holding a meeting in which R Chandra Shekar and Vijay Kumar Yadav gave a speech. B Poornachander Rao gave the Vote of Thanks.


The Fast was organized from 2.30 pm to 12.30 am (in the midnight). A meeting was organized at 4.30 pm with the out going employees of general shift. Similarly meeting was organized when the second shift people left the office in the night.

5. KOTA:

Day Long Fast was started at 8.00 am with a general meeting after getting down all employees at the Gate. The Fast was concluded at 4.30 pm with a concluding meeting


The DAY LONG FAST started at Sharp 8.00 Hrs on 18.12.2008 in frontof Guard House (in front of Plant gate Security. There were threebanners stating the Heading "Day long FAST" and the charter demand. inthe fast C.U.Jayakumar (President CATSA), Jatashankar Mahur (GenSec CATSA) R.P.Dhobi (Vice President CATSA) Dheeraj Shukla (Treasurer)andRamesh Chandra (member) and Vishwa Jeet Tiwari (member) participated.
We concluded our Fast at 3.00 pm as our special general body meeting was schedule dto held at 3.30 pm. A good number of Employees from Plant came near the Tent at around 15.00 hrs with juice and fruits and they concluded the Day long fast by shouting slogans about the department attitude and implement the demand immediately.

At 15.30 the General Body of CATSA in the Com. Jayakumar and Jatashankar briefed the necessary of the agitation and protest andrequested the members to join the future course of action programme.


The Day Long Fast was started at 8.00 am in which about 20 members were participated. The Fast was concluded at 4.30 pm


The Day Long Fast was started at 8.00 am In the Fast more than 20 office bearers, EC members including NFAEE Secretariat Member participated.
The fast was concluded at 4.30 pm


The Day Long Fast was started at 8.30 am. All employees were got down from the buses and organized a meeting. Meeting was addressed by Shri. J.H. Raul, President BARC Employees Association Tarapur. In the fast about 20 members were participated. During the lunch time number employees including women employees came out to show the solidarity. The Fast was concluded at 5.00 pm.

Secretary General

Address for Correspondence: Jayaraj.KV, Secretary General, NFAEE
PESS/UED; BARC, Trombay, Mumbai 400 085
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