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Thursday, October 30, 2008


National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees
Recognised by DAE vide DAE OM No. 8/1/2007 – IR&W/95 dated 13th June 2007
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Dr. A.K. Suri,
Committee to examine the Part B of the Government Notification on CCS (Revised Pay Rules) 2008
Department of Atomic Energy


As per the notification of the constitution of the Committee the committee may submit its report to the Department any time from now. While presenting the note to the committee on behalf of National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees (NFAEE) on 6th October 2008 we tried to explain the main issues to be considered while recommending to the Department on implementation of the Part B of the Government notification. The points are:

· The past experience of DAE Employees during the implementation of previous Pay Commission recommendations are not encouraging and always the employees got worst package comparing with the employees of other departments such as Department of Space (DOS). The impact of such treatment was continued till the implementations of 5th CPC recommendations were implemented.

· When a senior Group D employee of DOS attains the Pay Scale of 3050 – 4590 by way of second promotion, Group D employee of DAE had to wait for one more promotion residence period than that of DOS employees to reach that pay scale.

· When a Technician of DOS reaches the pay scale 10000 – 15200 after 7 promotions, a Tradesman in DAE has to face 8 promotions. The reason is nothing but the selection of pay scale.

· When a Scientific Assistant/Technical Assistant of DOS reaches the scale of Pay of 10000 – 15200 after facing just three promotions, a Scientific Assistant of DAE has to face 4 promotions. By doing so, Scientific Assistants in DAE not only loosing their pay, but also down graded on comparison with the status of a Scientific Assistant/Technical Assistant of DOS. More specifically, a SA/TA of DOS in the scale of pay of 6500 – 10500 is promoted to the scale of pay of Rs. 8000 – 13500 which is equivalent to SO (C) in DAE where as, Scientific Assistants of DAE in the scale of pay of Rs 6500 – 10500 are promoted only to the scale of pay of Rs 7450 – 11500 and to reach the grade SO (C), he has to wait for one more residency period of promotion.

· Further the recommendation of upgradation of the entry level pay for Technical category, those employees having SSC +2 or SSC + ITI has not been given 4000 – 6000 as the entry level pay scale.

· As the Cadre Review report was successfully implemented in DOS in the year 2003, the administrative, accounts, auxiliary, store staff of DOS got financial upgradation for various categories mentioned above in 2003 itself and correspondingly got fixation in the upgraded scales while implementing the CCS (Revised Pay) Rules 2008 and thus the Office Clerk in the grade of 3050 – 4590 has been phased out as part of the implementation of Cadre Review and extended financial upgradation to most of the employees by creating additional posts in the scales of pay of Rs4000 – 6000, 5000 – 8000 and 5500 – 9000.

Because of the above mentioned approach of the Department it can be seen that all section of employees of DAE – auxiliary, administrative, accounts, technical, purchase and stores – are getting step motherly treatment on comparison with DOS since the pay revision carried out in the year 1996 based on the recommendations of Fifth Central Pay Commission. If these anomalies are not rectified, the lesser pay of DAE employees will be carried forward for next ten years or more and the DAE employees will be getting lesser pay further.

To overcome the discrepancies continued for the last ten years or more, the Department has to ensure Pay Parity as first step at all level with Department of Space for all section of employees. There after the Department should consider the suggestion submitted by the Federation and other section of employees’ representatives for upgradation of various categories to ensure the vertical and horizontal relativity as well as the recommendation of the pay commission as well as the action taken by various ministries/departments on upgradation of the pay scales

Hence NFAEE requests the Committee to:

· Upgrade the pre revised pay scale of Rs2750 – 4400 into Rs3050 – 4590 so that the Group D category shall get the financial benefits as the senior most employees will get fixation with higher grade pay.

· Upgrade the Technical post in the grade of Rs7450 -11500 to Rs8000 – 13500 and Rs8000 – 13500 to Rs10000 – 15200 and so on. (Tradesman, Foreman, Draftsman, Scientific Assistant, Nurses etc). Then should de-merge the merged pay scales 5000 – 8000, 5500 – 9000, 6500 – 10500 with grade pay of Rs 4200, 4600, 4800 and accordingly higher grade pay should be extended for next pay scales in the hierarchy.

· Upgrade the posts in administrative, accounts, purchase, stores and auxiliary on par with the recommendations of the Cadre Review/DOS pattern.

· The Committee further should consider the suggestions submitted by National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees to extend higher grades at the entry level for Technical Staff, Promotional avenues for Auxiliary grades, upgradation of administrative, accounts, purchase & store staff etc in consultation with similar Departments such as DOS for a permanent solution with a time frame.

NFAEE hopes that the Committee will come out with a satisfactory report by which the employees of the DAE who were in great loss since the implementation of the Fifth Central Pay Commission Report with effect from 1996 will get a relief by ensuring parity with the Pay structure and the Promotional hierarchy of DOS and recommend further upgradation considering the importance of the activities of the premier scientific institutions.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Secretary General

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