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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Grievances of DAE employees - Memorandum to teh Hon'ble Minister for State PMO

National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees




Recognised by DAE vide DAE OM No. 8/1/2007 – IR&W/95 dated 13th June 2007

JCM Office, Brindavan, Anusaktinagar, Mumbai 400 094

Ref. No: nfaee/sg/09/190                                                                                             Dated: 27.11.09


The Hon’ble Prime Minister,

Govt. of India,

North Block, New Delhi 110 001

Sub: Grievances of DAE employees

Respected Sir,

At the out set the on behalf of the Secretariat of National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees (NFAEE), convey our heartfelt thanks for giving an opportunity to present the grievances of DAE employees in person.

This Federation wrote a letter vide letter No. nfaee/sg/09/126 dated 18th July 2009 to you with respect to few grievances of DAE employees. Under Secretary (IR&W) of DAE vide their letter No 2/10/2009/IR&W/231 dated 17th November 2009 given comments on 4 issues out of 5 issues raised in the above mentioned NFAEE letter to you.

It is unfortunate to note here that none of the issues raised in the letter was considered by the Department sympathetically and only repeated the same old arguments to over rule the arguments mooted by the Federation in their letter. A copy of the letter written by NFAEE to you and the comments given by DAE is attached herewith

In the letter issued by DAE there is no comment on the point UNIFORMITY ON IMPLEMENTATION OF GOVERNMENT DECISIONS IN DAE – DOS. We strongly feel that DAE cunningly avoid this basic issue and thus whole grievances raised by NFAEE, because all the three points we raised in the letter addressed you the relativity with the Department of Space is linked. Parity in pay Structure, New Promotion norms, PRIS Clarification - all are related with the DOS. Thus unless otherwise the basic approach is not resolved, the grievances will continue and the DAE employees will get step mother treatment from the Government, though both Departments are coming under none other than the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.

In the mean time there are few more grievances has created. Accordingly we once again submit the following points for kind consideration and favorable orders:

(1) Uniformity on implementation of Government decisions in the Departments under the Hon’ble Prime Minister

(2) Parity in pay structure of scientific & technical staff with that of DOS.

(3) New Promotion Norms.

(4) PRIS - Discrepancies.

(5) Continuation of Patient Care Allowance to Group C & D employees

(6) Revision of Overtime Allowances

(7) Criteria for Departmental accommodation

(8) Adhoc Bonus


On various occasions we brought to the notice of the Department the different approach adopted by the DAE authorities on implementation of the decisions of the government pertaining to DAE. The selection of Pay scales, Implementation of Flexible Complementing Scheme, Introduction of Tuition Fees in the Schools running by the Department, Introduction of Prmotion norms of Canteen and other auxiliary staff, Payment of Performance Related Incentive Scheme (PRIS), Extension of Medical facilities – Contributory Health Service Scheme (CHSS), Adhoc Bonus to the eligible employees, Staff Relation and Welfare Activities etc are some issues where the DAE adopted different approach than that of DOS by which the DAE employees are getting inferior treatment comparing the employees of Department of Space.

Hence NFAEE request you to give instruction to ensure uniformity on implementation of government decision on various issues related to employees.


In the comments made by the Department, it was mentioned “The issue was examined on the basis of factual information and the hierarchy in the technical grades in the department vis – a – vis technical grades in DOS. On examination it is observed that the hierarchy of technical grades in DOS does not fit into the hierarchy of the technical grades in the department”.

This comment is far from the truth as the DOS was part & parcel of DAE and at a later stage DOS was formed and adopted the same pay structure, facilities and other benefits which were existed on those days. The difference in the hierarchy of technical grades created based on the wrong foot of DAE while implementing pay structure recommended by Fifth Central Pay Commission (FCPC). While implementing pay scales DAE selected the pay scale of Rs8000 – 12500 for the promotional post for the grade in the pay scale of Rs6500 – 10500, where as DAE selected an inferior scale of Rs7450 – 11500 as the pay scale for the promotion post for the grade in the pay scale of Rs6500 – 10500 and the pay scale of Rs8000 – 12500 as the promotional post for the grade in the pay scale of Rs7450 – 11500. Since the residency period for promotion from the post of Rs6500 – 10500 in both department is identical an employee of DOS completed 5 years in the grade of Rs6500 – 10500 will reach in the pay scale of Rs8000 – 12500 where as an employee of DAE after completion of 5 years service in the grade of Rs7450 – 11500 and thus he has to wait another 5 years to reach the grade in the pay scale of Rs8000 – 12500.

While replacing the pay structure as per the recommendations of Sixth Central Pay Commission (SCPC) those employees of DOS who are in the pay scale of Rs6500 – 10500 got the grade pay of Rs4800, where as in DAE the employees who are in the pay scale of Rs6500 – 10500 is given the grade pay Rs4600 only. Thus discrimination started from the year 1996 is still continues in DAE.

The argument of the Department that the hierarchy of technical grades in DOS does not fit into that of DAE is nothing but an attempt to misguide the Hon’ble Minister. Both Department continuous similarities on various issues and even now trying to remove the differences if exists by modifying the existing rules. DOS always shown open attitude to bring parity with DAE and comparing the facilities exists in DAE for betterment for pay structure, promotional avenues etc.

Since both Department are coming under in same category and the recruitment, promotion policies are identitical, the Department should rectify the mistake being done during the implementation of FCPC as the pay commission and government asked the Departments while implementing the pay structure based on the SCPC recommendations, the vertical & horizontal relativity should be considered and taken care off.

It is therefore NFAEE once again request you to give necessary instruction to the Department to take all appropriate steps within a time frame to rectify the discrepancies and to ensure justice to the employees of this prestigious department while considering the demand of parity with the pay structure of the employees of Department of Space.


In respect to the grievance on New Promotion Norms, the Department comments “As far as technician promotion to higher grade on acquiring higher qualification is concerned a written examination is introduced as per the new norms and those who qualify in the written test will be interviewed for promotion.” Here too DAE trying to hide other changes made by the Department in terms of the revised promotion norms. As mentioned in our letter to you following discrepancies already reported and brought to the notice of DAE:

• Number of residency period has been increased.

• Opportunity for Track change on promotion has been withdrawn. Thus the opportunity to become gazetted is taken away.

• Promotion on acquiring additional qualification interlinked with written examination

• Junior Employee is overriding senior.

• Merged pay structure retained in the promotion hierarchy till 2009 with same grade pay for the promotional post.

• Based on the revised promotion norms too DAE employees will take more years to reach at the senior technicians level in comparison with that of DOS.

• While implementing the CCS (Revised Pay) Rules 2008, DAE reclassified posts such as Scientific Assistant E, Sr. Technician J, Foreman C, etc. into Group B which were classified as Group ‘A’ posts earlier.

Hence it is once again requested you to give necessary instruction to the Department to Review the promotion norms so that the above mentioned discrepancies in the modified promotion norms shall be removed, and shall be ensured the promotional avenues similar to that of the Department of Space, etc.


In the comments on PRIS Clarification DAE mentioned that “during Earned Leave/Half – Pay Leave employees are not performing the duties and as such they are not eligible for PRIS during the said leave period”

In the above mentioned letter of DAE it is mentioned that “PRIS has been introduced only in two departments of Government of India namely DAE and DOS considering the notable achievements of the Department in various fields of its activities.”

As Department correctly pointed out that PRIS is implemented only in two Departments, that too under same ministry, how possible two different clarifications can issue in respect to counting of Earned Leave and Half Pay Leave.

As mentioned in our earlier letter to you, the PRIS is extended based on the performance of the employees in the previous year by considering their attendance and the CR grading. A minimum 150 days attendance along with CR grading of “Average” above is necessary to get the PRIS @ 20% of the Pay in the ensuing year. If an employee satisfies this conditionality, he/she is eligible for 20% of the total salary for a calendar year which is equally divided into 12 installments and given to him/her. In such case where the question of deduction of amount form PRIS corresponding to the amount equal to the Earned Leave of Half Pay Leave he/she availed?

Hence, NFAEE request you to give necessary instruction to the Department to withdraw the clarification No.4 & 6 from the OM No. 1/1(5)/2006-SCS/1346 dated 04.06.2009 and extend the Incentive as being given to the employees of Department of Space.

As part of the PRIS department has introduced additional increments to the employees who all are covered under merit promotion, by which this benefit of PRIS has been denied to administrative, auxiliary, purchase and store staff of the Department. Since the contributions of these categories of employees also are equally important for the growth of the activities of the Department, it is very much necessary to keep the morale as that of the employees covered under merit promotion scheme.

Hence, NFAEE request you to give necessary instruction to the Department to withdraw the clarification No.4 & 6 from the OM No. 1/1(5)/2006-SCS/1346 dated 04.06.2009 and extend the Incentive as being given to the employees of Department of Space. We further request you to take necessary steps to ensure all the three package under PRIS to all employees, i.e.10% pay as well as additional increment while on promotion as extended 20% additional pay PRIS (O) to all employees across


At Present payment of OTA in R&D and other non-industrial units is totally contradicting the concept of equal pay for equal jobs. The OTA is regulating as per the Pay of 4th CPC. The activities of the employees who perform duty in the R&D as well as Non industrial units are on par with the Industrial units where the OTA is regulates as per the Factories Act 1948. The employees in the R&D sector are forced to perform Overtime because of the reliever system in the operating plants to ensure continuous operation as well as to follow the safety guidelines, technicians/supervisors in the operating plants, pump house, electrical sub station, etc to perform the maintenance work, drivers, security, etc to ensure proper service in the Round the Clock. As the rate of Overtime Allowance is regulated as per the pay decided by the Fourth Central Pay Commission, the hourly rate is one tenth of the revised pay. By this anomaly the pay for the excess duty performed by an employee after his normal duty is just one tenth of his normal wage for a day which is even less than that prescribed by the Government for unskilled casual labour.

The performance of Overtime in the R&D establishments and other non industrial units are not in comparison with the staff care rules and it is a statutory requirement to follow various safety guidelines and retain the man power as per the guidelines of international agencies such as IAEA, etc. as well as the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AREB), BARC Safety Council, etc.

Hence the revision of OTA is very much essential to remove the anomaly created after the implementation of the revised pay. In view of the above, NFAEE request you to give necessary instruction to the Department to revise the Overtime Allowance based on the guidelines issued by Dr. Homi BHabha in the year 1963.


DAE vide OM No. 2/1(5)/2008 –SCS/4546 dated 23rd October 2009 withdrew the Patient Care Allowance given to Group C & D employees working in the Medical Division/Section of various DAE units and declared that Introduced Risk Insurance.

The Patient Care Allowance (in short PCA) which was granted to the employees after prolonged discussions and negotiations by the DOPT and Ministry Health. DAE also introduced Patient Care Allowance based on the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare OM. No. B- 11011/1/90 – CGHS (P) dated 10th July 1990 after a continuous debate in the Departmental Council for almost 7 years. PCA has been continued at the rates revised from time to time for more than 20 years is sought to be withdrawn from 1.4.2009 to be replaced by an RISK INSURANCE SCHEME.

PCA was evolved after merger of Dietary Allowance, Night Weightage Allowance and Risk Allowance. Whereas the proposed insurance cover has only substituted the risk allowance. The replacement of an allowance by an insurance scheme is not only conceptually incorrect but also not acceptable to the staff side as it would result in the loss of emoluments and reduction in wages.

It is also understood that the nodal Ministry (Ministry of Health/CGHS) has not withdrawn the Patient Care Allowance till date.

Whereas in DAE, the Department asked the views of the Staff side through a letter to the Secretary Staff Side for which the Staff side Secretary after consulting all DC Members intimated that the PCA should be continued and as a second benefit Risk Insurance may be introduced to the Group C & D hospital/dispensary staff. Thereafter no discussion was hold by the DAE authorities either with the staff side of DAE Departmental Council (JCM) or with NFAEE.

Under this circum stance we request you to advice the DAE withdraw the above mentioned OM dated 23rd October 2009 to re introduce PCA to all hospital staff who are eligible for PCA and conveys the views of the employees of DAE to continue the PCA to all eligible employees and not convert it into Risk Insurance.


The changes in the eligibility for departmental accommodation modified by the Ministry of Urban Development by which the criteria for getting accommodation has been changed from the basic pay to grade pay. By making these changes the concept of service seniority has been replaced with attaining the Grade pay. In other word the service seniority become mix of the Service and Pay seniority. These changes may block the movement of allottees from lower category to higher category which will result blockage of allotment. These changes further deny the existing benefit of better accommodation after rendering more years of service in the department

To overcome these discrepancies NFAEE request you to take up the matter with Ministry of Urban Development and the criteria suggested based on the Grade pay should be replaced by the pay in the Pay Band equivalent to the pre revised norms. A copy of the Memorandum submitted to the Hon’ble Minster for Cabiner, Ministry of Urban Development is attached herewith.


Government of India has been issued OM to release adhoc bonus to all central government employees who all are not eligible for Productivity Linked Bonus/Incentive. Accordingly including DOS the adhoc bonus for the year 2008 has been released in the month of September 2009. Similarly Productivity Linked Bonus/Incentive has been released to all Industrial employees and NPCIL employees under DAE. But still DAE has not been granted Adhoc Bonus to its Group D, C, B employees who are not getting productivity Linked Bonus/Incentive.

If the department decided not to pay Adhoc bonus because of the introduction of PRIS, the whole package of PRIS has not been implemented during the year 2008. The third package of PRIS – 10% of the pay as Group achievement – is yet to implement.

Hence we request you to give necessary instruction to release the adhoc bonus to the employees who are not eligible for PLB/PLI for the year 2008 by endorse the directive issued by Government of India and assure that the adhoc bonus should continue till other section of employees of DAE gets PLI/PLB as well as other Department gets adhoc bonus where any type of PRIS introduced.

We once again humbly request you sir to kindly look into the above mentioned issues and do the needful to ensure natural justice for which act of yours, we shall remain grateful.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


Secretary General

Address for Correspondence: Jayaraj.KV, Secretary General, NFAEE

PESS/UED; BARC, Trombay, Mumbai 400 085

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