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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Com. Samar Mukherjee who died due to cardiac failure in Kolkata

Veteran Trade Union leader and freedom fighter, Com. Samar Mukherjee, who was known for his oratory and leadership, died of old age ailments in Kolkata on Thursday.

He was born in Amta in Howrah district on November 7, 1913. He was a bachelor.

Com. Mukherjee, who turned 100 in November last year, was the oldest living member of CPI(M), having joined the Communist Party in 1940.

Widely respected by both the old and the new generations  Com. Mukherjee led a spartan lifestyle and left his family in 1940 to live in a party commune in Howrah when he became a member of the undivided Communist Party of India.

When the party split in 1964 over the ideological differences, he joined the CPI(M). He moved to the CPI(M)’s commune in South Kolkata in 1965, where he stayed till his last days.

Com.  Mukherjee had his first brush with imperialism during the British Raj when he protested against the Simon Commission, which was sent to India in 1928 to study constitutional reform.

He was a member of West Bengal Legislative Assembly from 1957 to 1971. Com. Mukherjee, represented the CPI (M) in the lower house of Parliament for three consecutive terms from 1971-84, from the Howrah Lok Sabha constituency. He was elected to Rajya Sabha in 1986.

Com. Mukherjee, served the Indian communist movement in various positions member of CPI(M) politburo  & Central Committee and as the Chairman of Control Commission

He was one of founder member of the Center of Indian Trade Union (CITU) and lead the Trade Union movement holding various post including the General Secretary of CITU. He was the General Secretary of CITU from 1983 to 1991. 

Com Samar Mukherjee continuously helped the trade union movement in DAE by taking up the issues with the Government and asking questions in Parliament. He also helped the movement in DAE to get recognition of the Unions and associations in seventies and eighties.

NFAEE expresses heartfelt grief at the passing away of this great leader of the working class movement and dips its flag in respect to the departed leader

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