NFAEE is the one and only all India Federation of Atomic Energy Worker, recognised by Government of india/Department of Atomic Energy (DAE).

It represents the Industrial, Research & Development and Service organisations under Department of Atomic Energy.

26 Unions and associations of DAE Employees recognised under CCS (RSA) Rule are affiliated with NFAEE

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Record of discussions held by Additional Secretary, DAE with the NFAEE Representatives on 31st May 2013 at 4th floor Conference Room, DAE, Mumbai under the forum of ‘Bilateral Discussions’
The following were present.

Dr. C.B.S. Venkataramana
Additional Secretary, DAE & Additional Secretary (I&M), DAE


Official Side
Staff  Side
Smt.  Swati Pandey,
Director (IR&W), DAE

Shri G. Maniachari,
Working President, NFAEE
HWP, Tuticorin
Shri R. P. Raju,
Secretary, TC/TSC, BARC
Shri K.V. Jayaraj,
Secretary General, NFAEE
BARC, Mumbai
Shri S. B. Bose,
Chief Administrative Officer

Shri P. M. Worlikar
Org. Secretary, NFAEE
BARC, Mumbai
Shri V. Govindankutty
Chief Administrative Officer (P)

Shri Sunil Pawar
Secretary, NFAEE
DCS&EM, Mumbai
Shri A. Sukumaran
Under Secretary (SUS), DAE
Shri V. K. Patil
Secretary, NFAEE
BARC, Mumbai
Shri N. G. Krishnan,

Shri J. H. Raul
Vice President, NFAEE
BARC, Tarapur
Shri N. V. S. V. Prasad
Under Secretary (IR&W), DAE
Shri A. Sreedharan
General Secretary, AEWS Union
BARC, Mumbai

          At the outset of the meeting Chairman welcomed all the participants.  Director, IR&W apologized for delay in holding this meeting with NFAEE after a gap of nearly two years. NFAEE representatives expressed their gratitude for holding this meeting.
2.           While initiating the dialogues, Chairman categorically informed that NFAEE and DC are mutually exclusive.  The meeting with NFAEE members is not an alternative for Departmental Council Meetings and, therefore, issues concerning to Group ‘C’ and ‘D’, which are to be taken up in Departmental Council or have already been taken up, should not be raised in Federation meetings.  Further, he suggested that Staff side may take the privilege to select/prioritize their agenda items for discussions in every meeting, for which time allotted would be 3 hours.  Staff side agreed to his suggestions.  Then, agenda was discussed point-wise.
Agenda No. 1 :   Fulfill the commitment given by the Department in the affidavit filed in the court to maintain the status of Pay & Allowances of Scientific Assistants on par with that of Scientific Officers
NFAEE members explained that it is an artificial distinction between the Scientific Officers Grade C & D and the Scientific Assistants Grade E & F in terms of granting of additional increments and Professional Update Allowance.
Scientific Officers and Scientific Assistants are employed in common duties, with interchangeability of duties in the round the clock duties, sharing the same responsibility and in the equivalent pay scales and grade pays.
When the nature of duties are such that both the categories of employees are performing the same duty and same work and with same responsibilities, the additional increments (2+6 to SO/TO-D), update allowance of `12,500/- and other incentives are not same for Scientific Assistants and Scientific Officers. 
On earlier occasions, including the affidavit submitted before the Court, Department has committed that “There is no loss of status or position or for that matter any financial loss even at distant future as the circular dated 2.4.1983 does not seek to demote any one”, i.e. Department will maintain parity in pay and allowances between the similarly placed Scientific Officers and Scientific Assistants.
Chairman informed that two different cadres cannot be considered as equal when opportunities of getting promotions from one cadre to another are different.  It is binding on the Department/respondent to comply only with the directions and final orders given by the Honorable Court.  Any statement made or affidavit filed by the Department before any court of law cannot be considered as an assurance by the Department. However, a clarification on the binding nature of responsibility of a Department vis-à-vis, of whatever pleaded in any affidavit will be ascertained with the Ministry of Law.   
Action : US, SCS
Agenda No. 2 : Proper Office facility should be given to NFAEE
NFAEE representatives informed that NFAEE has been provided by an office in a temporary shed opposite to AERB Building.  This office premises is having an area of about 18o Sq. ft. (15 X 12) in which proper ventilation or other facilities has not been provided.  Similarly being a temporary shed, during rainy season water enters the room and thus books and papers spoilt.  Above all ants and creatures are entering the office room and damaging office record.  Therefore, NFAEE requested that action may be initiated to provide a proper office along with all services.
Chairman advised CAO, DCS&EM to explore possibility of providing a larger accommodation and to renovate the premises so as to make the premises leak-proof, properly ventilated and to have the premises treated for pest control on need basis.
Action  : CAO, DCS&EM

Agenda No. 3 : Facilities such as telephone, Internet, Fax should be provided to the President & Secretary General of Federation and permission may be granted to them for using mobile phones where permission is needed for usage of mobile phones
NFAEE members informed that President & Secretary General of the Federation are not in a position to be present at the Federation office whole time since they are active in their office work also.  Therefore, NFAEE representatives requested that to communicate with their affiliate Staff associations working across the India, facilities such as telephone with the STD facility to call in emergency, Internet to avail access to respond to emails and Fax facilities for quick communications may be provided to President & Secretary General of the Federation at work place and permission may also be given to use Mobile Phones inside the office premises, wherever, restriction of using mobile phones exist.
Chairman informed that due to absence of DoPT guidelines on this subject, non recurring equipments such as telephones, fax machines, computers can be provided by the Department on onetime basis; however, expenditure on their connections and monthly bills may be borne by the Federation itself.  As regards, providing mobile phone facility at work place where use of mobile phones are restricted inside office premises, Chairman informed that Department will examine this issue in relation to the security point of view.
        Action : US(IR&W) and DCSO, DAE

Agenda No. 4 : Proper response on issues brought to the notice of the Department through correspondence
NFAEE members informed that they are not getting proper and timely response from DAE offices to their communications.
Chairman informed that Department will try to give interim reply to communications made by NFAEE or any recognized Staff associations/Union within 30 days of receipt and final reply as soon as a decision is taken on the issue.
Action : US, IR&W

Agenda No. 5 :   Improve the functioning of DAE Departmental Council as per the guidelines of the JCM Scheme
NFAEE members informed that while introducing the Joint Consultative Machinery, Government of India notified guidelines for its function such as the meeting should be convened in every four months, The official side should come with the probable decision on issues and in the meeting decision has to be taken, items disagreed should be proceeded for arbitration in time and It is a fact that none of such guide lines are being followed by the Department or DAE Units.
Chairman suggested that since this issue pertains to Departmental Council meeting, it may be raised in the next Departmental Council meeting only.

Agenda No. 6 : Departmental Canteen facilities should be strengthened
NFAEE members requested to strengthen Canteen facilities by filling the vacancies of Canteen staff taking into account not only the regular employees but also the contractual labourers working at various sites who too avail the Canteen facilities. Secondly they requested to take a uniform decision of scrapping of all the outsourced canteens as such canteens will be harmful as regards Department’s security scenario.
Chairman informed that as soon as Department finalizes Recruitment Rules and notifies the same for Canteen employees, existing vacancies can be filled. However, as regards matter of having Departmental Canteen or outsourced Canteen, Chairman advised to leave this decision to Department as to whether any particular DAE Unit will have a Government run canteen or an outsourced canteen. Government is the only competent authority to decide over this issue taking into account probable security threats to its installations and it is not necessary to have a uniform policy regarding Departmental canteens at all DAE installations.  However, irrespective of the type of canteen, care will be taken by the Department to maintain the quality and standards in all respects.
Further, CAO(P), BARC explained that Department is strictly following the guidelines given by the Directorate of Canteen while approving the 2A and 2B categorized canteens and appointing the staff in the canteen according to no. of regular employees.
Action : US, SCS

Agenda No. 7 :   Fixation of pay on promotion to a post carrying higher duties and responsibilities but carrying the same grade pay
NFAEE representatives explained that in para 2 of the DAE’s OM. No.19/1/2013m – SCS/4828 dated 10th April 2013, it was clarified that the OM No. 10/02/2011 – E.III/A dated 7th January 2013 issued by Department of Expenditure is not applicable to the technical posts in the Department, in view of the revised norms issued by Trombay Council vide Note. No. TC/1(52)/89/2011/56035 dated 27.06.2011, however since the said TC norms were made applicable prospectively from July 2011 and not retrospectively from 1st January 2006, the technical staff who got promotion from 1st January 2006 to 2008 should get the benefit of fixation on promotion. Secondly the issue of counting of training period for increment is also pending with the Department.
Chairman informed that the matter will be examined by TC&TSC in all respect.
Action : Secretary, TC&TSC

Agenda No. 8 :   Ensure Track change from Scientific Assistant to Scientific Officer/Technical Officer without linking additional qualifications
NFAEE representatives clarified that upto 31.12.2008, as per TC&TSC norms available for SA/D and SA/E, there were opportunities to become SO/C and SO/D respectively, provided if they were found fit, and have outstanding abilities in the theoretical fields and aptitude.
Accordingly, all employees holding posts of SA/D and SA/E were considered concurrently for promotion to SA/E, SA/F and SO/C, SO/D respectively.
However,  after introduction of revised norms from 1.1.2009, the hitherto practice of promoting Scientific Assistants to Scientific Officers is discontinued and now it is possible only on acquisition of higher qualification followed by passing in the Departmental Qualifying Examination and interview by the Standing Selection Committees.
NFAEE members further explained that as per earlier norms, at least after SA/F they could anticipate that they will get a chance to be promoted as Scientific Officer-E, whereas after creation of SA/G, they have lost this opportunity too.
NFAEE members further informed that similarly placed departments like Department of Space have not so far introduced neither SA/G post nor any DQE procedure for track change.
Chairman informed that it is obvious that higher responsibility demand higher qualification.  He further stated that comparison with other Department for parity in service conditions is not a healthy principle.  The decision is taken in the Department keeping in view the kind of man-power required to accomplish the future scientific activity of the Department.  However, Staff side can present this case to TC&TSC for further examination.

Agenda No. 9 :   Ensure Grade Pay `4600 to existing SA/B and cascading effect should be made to the Next higher grades
NFAEE representatives informed that as per the 6th CPC `5000-`8000, `5500-`9000, `6500-`10500 merged together, with GP `4200.  Later, Ministry of Finance issued revised orders granting common GP of `4200 for pay scale of `5000-`8000 and `5500-`9000; and GP `4600 for `6500-`10500.
NFAEE representatives further explained that Department of Space through anomaly committee has de-merged these merged scales and granted next higher GP to every grade with change of their nomenclatures. However, DAE through Norms Committee took a decision that henceforth, only Cat-I trainees with 2 yrs training will be absorbed as Scientific Assistant with GP `4600, but this will not be applicable to the existing employees;  whereas in DOS, existing GP `4200 has been upgraded to `4600 and consequently, GP `4600 has been  upgraded to `4800.  Therefore, NFAEE requested that DAE may also implement enhancement of pay as done by DOS since both are coming under same Ministry, having common Member for Finance.
 Chairman informed that granting of Pay scales is in the domain of Central Pay Commission and framing of the promotion norms in DAE in respect of Scientific and Technical personnel is in the domain of TC&TSC.  Accordingly, the revised norms issued by TC&TSC has taken care of all such issues which are fully conforming with hitherto issued guidelines of Ministry of Finance.  However, Department can refer this matter to forthcoming Pay Commission and thereafter to Norms Committee.
Action : US(SCS)

Agenda No. 10 : Restore the advance increment given to the CAT II trainees
NFAEE representatives explained that the advance increments granted to category II trainees while absorbing in regular services from 01.01.2006 to November 2008 were reduced/wiped out while fixing their pay in the revised pay.  Hence, NFAEE requested to restore the advance increments granted at the time of initial appointment.
Chairman informed that TC&TSC has already considered all the facts and accordingly decided the number of additional increments and the grades to be given to the absorbees. A conscious effort has been made by the TC to ensure that the CAT I and CAT II absorbees prior to 2006 are not put to any disadvantageous position than those absorbees after 2006. Therefore, the request is not reasonable. However, if details are provided, Department will examine the matter.

Agenda No. 11 : Revise the eligibility criteria for Departmental    accommodation in the DAE Allotment Rules
NFAEE members explained that after the Sixth CPC recommendations, the criteria for allotment has been changed form the Basic Pay to the Grade Pay. Thus the senior most employees who were getting a chance to change their accommodation into higher category on service seniority prior to VI CPC implementation has been taken away.
Chairman informed that NFAEE can raise this issue in the National Council and /or send a new formula for deciding the eligibility for allotment for submitting to Ministry of Urban Development.
3.           Before concluding the meeting Chairman informed that we may have two such meetings in a year.
4.           The meeting ended with vote of thanks to the Chair.

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