NFAEE is the one and only all India Federation of Atomic Energy Worker, recognised by Government of india/Department of Atomic Energy (DAE).

It represents the Industrial, Research & Development and Service organisations under Department of Atomic Energy.

26 Unions and associations of DAE Employees recognised under CCS (RSA) Rule are affiliated with NFAEE

Thursday, November 3, 2016

 Circular  dated 2-11-2016
1)    All National Secretariat Members (CHQ Office Bearers)
2)    Chief Executives of all Affiliated organisations.
3)    General Secretaries of all C-O-Cs.

15th December 2016
Parliament March
·        AGAINST the Breach of Assurance 
by the Group of Ministers.

·        Demanding settlement the 
20 Point Charter of Demands.

“We cannot be a party to any proposal, which may be considered as a surrender of the principled stand by the common workers”.

           -   Com.K.G.Bose, the Legendary Leader of the Central Government Employees,
who carried on the battle for a militant line against the reformist
and class collaborationist influence dominating the
Central Government employees’ movement.

 Campaign and Mobilisation Programme

Dear Comrades,

        The National Secretariat of the Confederation has decided to organise intensive campaign and mobilisation to make the 15th December 2016 Parliament March a resounding success.  With the active support and involvement of all affiliates and C-O-Cs only, we will be able to ensure participation of not less than 20000 Central Govt. Employees in the Parliament March.  The message of the March and rally should reach each and every Central Government employee.  All affiliated organisations and C-O-Cs are requested to organise largely attended campaign meetings at all centres mentioned in the enclosed campaign programme.  The place and dates of the programme and the names of the leaders attending the campaign meetings at each place is furnished.  Change of date can be made by mutual consultation between the National Secretariat members and the leaders of C-O-Cs/Affiliated organisations of each state/District.  Campaign Programme should be completed before 12th December, 2016.

Make the 7th November 2016 mass dharna
a grand success at all centres:

        The Second phase of the agitational programmes announced by Confederation is mass dharna at all centres.  All affiliates and C-O-Cs are requested to make the programme a grand success.  Please ensure maximum participation of employees in the programme.
                                                                    Fraternally Yours,

                                                                        M. Krishnan,
                                                                    Secretary General,
                                                                   Mob: 09447068125

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