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26 Unions and associations of DAE Employees recognised under CCS (RSA) Rule are affiliated with NFAEE

Tuesday, June 17, 2008



Dear Comrades,
A joint meeting of the office bearers of National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees (NFAEE) and its affilaites representing the employees of Deaprtment of Atomic Energy (DAE), Associations representing the employees of Department of Space (DOS) and the office bearers of All India Defence Federation (AIDEF) and its affiliated unions representing the employees of Defence Research & Development Organisations (DRDO) was held at Shastri Bhavan Chennai on 12th June 2008.
The minutes of the meeting is given below:
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National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees
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All Participant Organizations of Joint Meeting
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Dear Comrades,

A joint meeting of the office bearers of the Federations, unions, associations functioning in the Department of Atomic Energy, Department of Space, Defence Research & Development Organisations, and Nuclear Power Corporations was held on 12th June 2008 at the Conference Hall No.2, Shastri Bhavan, 5th Floor, Chennai. The record of the deliberations of the meeting is given below:

The meeting was presided by Com. G. Maniachari President, NFAEE. Com. Jayaraj.K.V, Secretary General NFAEE welcomed the participants for attending in the joint meeting with a short notice. He briefed about the importance of calling such a joint meeting. SG narrated the steps taken by NFAEE earlier during the period of submission of 5th CPC recommendations and the joint strategy formulated along with Department of Space on certain common issues. This meeting also organized with such intention to formulate joint strategy to get a better deal while implementation of the recommendations of SCPC. Also Secretary General, NFAEE opined the need of permanent co ordination among these three scientific and strategically important institutions in the present LPG scenario.

There after introduction of individual participants was done. Then the President made a brief presidential address and briefed the developments in the recent past after the submission of the SCPC report to the Government. He narrated the divergent opinions on the recommendations of similarly situated departments and stressed the need to form single voice or joint view on such common interested issues.

Com. Durai Pandian, Secretary COC of Central Government Employees & Workers Tamil Nadu briefed about the developments and the danger we are going to face, if we not taken seriously the impact of recommendations. He elaborated about the attitude of the leadership in the JCM and their views ob the recommendations. He compared the rupee value present and the value at the time Krishnamachari as the Finance Minister. The value of rupees is now just 6 paisa where a sit was during Krishnamachari’s time it was 86 paisa. He mentioned in his speech to maintain the unity among the staff side it was accepted the minimum pay as Rs 7400/-. But in the meeting with Cabinet Secretary, the stress was given changing the fitment formula by adding 12% in DA considering the merger of 50% DA with basic pay as Dearness Pay. The real danger behind the up gradation of Group D post into Group C posts is nothing but the abolishing of 9.7 lakhs Group D posts. In effect contract employment will thrive. Privatization, out sourcing & contractorisation is the main concept of the recommendations of SCPC. The increase in pay by virtue of the revision pf the pay shall be just 20 – 28%. SCPC recommends no to give HBA, advances, holidays, bonus etc. Further it recommends to reduce the increment rates, promotional benefits etc. Propose to PRIS and PRP which already established great failure in the western countries. PRIS and PRP shall be extended to those who satisfied the superiors by all means and ready to face any sort of harassment. The Pay commission themselves claimed the total expenditure may occur about Rs 12560 crore, if their recommendation implemented as a package. By way of reduction on various facilities the government gets back about Rs 7975 crores. Thus the total expenditure shall be just Rs 3725 crores only.

The most unfortunate development is our National Leaders at the apex level are not realizing the real ground reality. It is pertinent to note here that after 1974, the Railway leadership is not ready for any type of struggle. This Railway leadership without any hesitation removed Com Sundaram from the post as he lead struggle of the railway employees in South Central Railway against the injustice.

He narrated that in many parts of the country the employees are coming out against the retrograded recommendations of the SCPC. In many places the defence employees burnt he copies of the recommendations.

Com. Durai Pandian summed up his address by cautioning the participants that, if the work force in the central government not united and organized agitations including strikes we will get only get a up gradation of 186% against 174% in the fitment formula. And for this the working class of the country never will forgive us. If we do not organsise strike we will not get any thing, hence he appealed to mobilize the employees against the recommendations of SCPC for continuous struggle and complemented the leadership of NFAEE, Space associations, AIDEF/DRDO unions for their attempt for bringing unity among the strategic units of the country.

The meeting further discussed the view points of the Space organizations, NFAEE and DRDO/AIDEF on general issues as well as the issues pertaining to DAE, DOS and DRDO. It is observed that on most of the issues all organizations were taken similar approach in their suggestions submitted to the Department/Government. The meeting further noticed that the impact of privatization, contractorisation and out sourcing hampered the interests of the organizations as well as the country. The participants in the meeting were unanimous on forming co ordination among the Federations, unions and associations representing the employees of these scientific and strategically important organizations of the country.
In the post lunch session Com. C. Sreekumar General Secretary AIDEF addressed the participants. At the outset he welcomed the move to bring unity among the organizations of the employees of premier Research & Development institutions under Department of Atomic Energy, Department of Space and Defence. There may be certain common issues pertaining to the employees. When compared to DRDO, DAE and DOS service conditions are better, hence we demands parity with DAE/DOS.

Com. Sreekumar opined that the intention of the Pay Commission is to withdraw all allowances, advances and other facilities what the employees enjoy now. The Pay Commission further recommended to corporatise Railways, and Ordinance factories under Defence Ministry. By virtue of this recommendations about the strength of the Government employees shall be reduced by 14 lakhs. By recommending to abolish Group D post in the name of up gradation another 9.7 lakhs of Government posts also shall be reduced. Thus the Central Government employees shall only be in the Central secretariat and other small Ministries, Departments as well as civilian in Defence Ministry. Thus, if 7th Central Pay Commission constituted by the time the number of Central Government employees may reduced to 3 to 4 lakhs. If the recommendation of SCPC implemented, no peons, no malis, no safayiwala, no gang men will be in government job. That is why even the Chairman of SC/ST Commission Chairman, Shri Butta Singh criticized the recommendations. He also mentioned that the Member Secretary of the Pay Commission become the implementation authority by appointing her as the Secretary Expenditure by the Finance Minister.

He briefly narrated the out come of the meeting of the Standing Committee members held on 7th May with Secretary Personnel & Secretary Expenditure and on 17th May 2008 with Cabinet Secretary and other members of the High Power committee of Secretaries constituted by the Government. The Staff side insisted to re calculate the minimum wage based on the 15th ILC norms by revisit the market price based on the real market values, compounding the Supreme Court directive to add 25% for social obligations and 10% for Housing purpose. The staff side also brought to the notice of the authorities that, the Fifth CPC adopted the formula by considering the rise in Net national Product derived the minimum pay. Even adopting NNP, the minimum pay corresponding to Rs 2550 shall be Rs 7400/-.Further the staff side insisted to consider the DA merger into pay for finalizing the fitment formula. Also the staff side pointed out that the Cabinet Secretary & Secretaries are getting 3 times or more increase in their wages. Hence the same multiple factor shall be adopted for all other categories of employees also. The Secretary Expenditure in reply mentioned that since the Cabinet Secretary & Secretaries are having fixed salary, the increase shall not be compared. Thus the staff side suggested in that case the multiple factor at the entry level of Group A post is 2.625 and hence the same should be given to all section of employees. If 2.625 have been taken as multiple factor, the increase shall be 41% to all. Various other issues also discussed in the meetings on 7th & 17th May 2008. In response to the presentations of the Staff side, the Cabinet Secretary mentioned that they have not been entrusted to undo any of the recommendations of SCPC. Hence they will take up the issues presented by the Staff side to the notice of the cabinet. When staff side insisted for a settlement, Cabinet secretary assured if any precedence is there such agreement before taking final decision that too he will bring to the notice of the Government. He further mentioned that there is information from the government after 17th meeting. It is understood that the DoPT has given direction to collect all details from various ministries/departments.

He further narrated the need of to build up momentum to put pressure on Government to concede the demands of the employees. He recalled the discussion carried out by the Group of ministers after the submission of the recommendations of the Fifth Central Pay Commission and mentioned that during the discussion there was a strike call given by the Constituent units of JCM participanats. Where as now there is no such threat in front of the Government. Even there is no joint action/ mobilization against the negative recommendations of the SCPC. Being Railway represent vast majority of the Central government employees the leadership of the Railway employees has to realize the situation and lead the agitation. From every corner the leadership of various sections of employees put pressure on Railway leadership to understand the realities and to have joint action against the report of the pay commission.

Com. Sreekumar concluded his speech by informing the participants that the sponsoring committee comprising the Central trade unions given a call for nation wide strike on 20th August 2008 projecting various demands on all section of Working class of the country in which one issue is to removal of negative, retrograded and discriminatory features in the recommendation of 6th Pay Commission. He stressed the need of unity among section of employees and hope that the move initiated by the employees of DAE, DOS, and DRDO will further strengthen the unity of work force of Central government employees in general and especially in the strategically important units.

The meeting further discussed about the need of coordinated work among these three units. All participants were of the opinion that the united movement should be developed and strengthened in DAE, DOS and DRDO for the betterment of the employees, departments as well as for the country. Joint action only will give result and hence decided to work for better understanding and co ordination.

Accordingly the meeting took following decisions:

· Agreed for a better coordination and united action among the Federations, Unions, and Associations representing all section of employees of the Scientific and Strategically important units of DAE, DOS and DRDO

· Decided to hold a National Convention at Mumbai in the last week of July 2008 to finalise the approach paper and adopt a declaration as well as to arrange co ordination set up. The date shall be finalized based on the availability of the leaders of the Central Trade Union Leaders.

· A core group from three Departments shall meet at New Delhi on 7th or 9th July 2008 to prepare approach paper as well as the declaration to be presented in the convention.
· The meeting also passed a resolution to urge the Prime Minister to intervene to remove the negative, retrograded and discriminatory features in the recommendations of SCPC

· The meeting also resolved to urge the Government ensure better pay structure, facilities to the employees of the scientific and strategically important Departments like DAE, DOS, DRDO to ensure the growth in the research and development activities in various filed.

The President concluded the meeting with appeal to all participants to work for unity among the three Departments for the better future. He further extended thanks for Com. Sreekumar, General Secretary AIDEF and Com. Durai Pandian Secretary COC of CG Employees & Workers, Tamilnadu for their guidance. Also expressed thanks for the co operation and initiative being taken by the Office bearers of DPS (DAE) Employees Association Southern Region (MRPU) to make the joint meeting a grand success.

Dear Comrades,

The copy of the resolution adopted in the meeting shall be circulated by Monday (16.06.2008) by email. All unions and associations are requested to send the same to the Prime Minister with copy to Defence Minister, State Minister in Charge of Prime Minister Office, Cabinet Secretary, Secretary DAE, Secretary DOS, Secretary Defence and Head of Unit of DRDO.

With fraternal Greetings.
Comradely yours,

Secretary General
Address for Correspondence: Jayaraj.KV, Secretary General, NFAEE
PESS/UED; BARC, Trombay, Mumbai 400 085
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