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It represents the Industrial, Research & Development and Service organisations under Department of Atomic Energy.

26 Unions and associations of DAE Employees recognised under CCS (RSA) Rule are affiliated with NFAEE

Thursday, March 21, 2013




Dear Comrades,

After the informal meeting Secretariat Members had with Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission on 10th July 2012, NFAEE submitted 12 point charter for bilateral discussion as proposed. For the last 7 months our Federation has been patiently waiting for a call for discussion on all these issues. In the intervening time as well as various other issues also brought to the notice of the Department. When inquiring about the date for meeting, the officials concerned were reported that waiting for comments on issues from various authorities and meeting might be arranged soon.

As a astonishment on 18th February 2013, NFAEE received a letter dated 15.02.2013 from Smt. Swati Pandey, Director IR&W intimating that discussion on most of the issues had already been taken place on earlier occasions either in the meetings of NFAEE with Secretary DAE or Departmental Council (JCM). Further the letter mentioned that some of the issues are not within the purview of the Department and cannot be admitted for discussion as these are governed by orders issued by DoPT/Ministries and therefore need to be discussed in National Council.

The said letter of Smt. Swati Pandey contained Two Annexures. Annexure I contained six items selected for discussion with NFAEE representatives which includes, proper office facility for NFAEE, Extension of Telephone, Internet, Fax, etc to the Chief Executive of NFAEE, proper response on issues brought to the notice of the Department, Improvement in the functioning DAE Departmental Council, Strengthening of Departmental Canteen facilities, Fulfilment of the commitment given by the Department in the affidavit filed in court to maintain the status of Pay & Allowances of Scientific Assistants on par with that of Scientific Officer.

Whereas the Annexure II contains 44 issues which are identified not for discussion. Four or five issues are not rejected but given the status of the issue and mentioned that no need of discussion.

In short, out of 50 issues pending with Department, Director, IR&W feels only two issues concerning the employees – matter pertaining to canteen and commitment given by Department in the court – are to be discussed with NFAEE.

It is sad to point out that about 40 issues pending unresolved for all these years have been unilaterally withdrawn from the discussion by giving inexplicit reasons like policy issues, settled matter, domain of the department, already discussed with Secretary DAE or in DC, etc.

It is pertinent to note here that it is for the first time that the Department has come out with such an approach to close the door for discussion. NFAEE has been approaching for bilateral discussion with the then Secretaries of the Department as well as Additional Secretaries and other senior dignitaries of DAE. But never such a biased approach has been taken by the Director IR&W or Staff Relation Officer in earlier occasion.

It can be understandable, if the department call for detailed note, speaking orders, etc for more clarification on agenda items for understand. But nothing sort of efforts was not made. It is quite natural that the repeated discussion of issues may open the way for settlement as in between changes have been taken place which modified the beneficial original intent elsewhere and the inconsistencies in the line

To cite examples i) payment for extra duty performed by the Operation and Maintenance staff serving in various plants being paid amount as prevailing in the year 1985 citing DOPT orders which is lesser than that of Minimum Wages to the Contract employees DAE is advocating as when it requires manpower under outsourcing ii) 27, 33 years dispensing is allowed for the Technician, Foremen, Draughtsmen, Pharmacists but not for Supervisors.

For this reason alone, even after the completion of more than 5 years, after Sixth CPC, DoPT and other nodal ministries have been reopening the issues discussed earlier and settling the issues and one such issue is allowing promotion benefits for the same grade pay.

NFAEE would like to recall the spirit of the discussion our federation had with Secretary, DAE on 10th July 2012 by spending more than an hour with the NFAEE office bearers and exchanged the spirit of mutual understanding and bilateral discussion. Chairman, AEC single-handed the meeting and openly expressed the need of series of meetings for understanding the issues and exchanging the views. Even the matter like safety & security of nuclear installations and the human being which came for open discussion on 10th July 2012 became not an issue to be discussed by the Director, IR&W letter.

This Federation is seriously took note of the inconsiderateness of the administrative authorities of DAE by concluding the door for discussion or reopening of the issues unilaterally.

But in the past and in the present the attempt by the administration to scuttle the bilateral discussion in the name of illogical ground is defeated only the unity of struggle and resolve.

In this scenario, NFAEE Secretariat held an evening Dharna and protest meeting to explain the developments to the Members on 1st March 2013 at BARC North gate from 3.15 to 6.30pm and in front of VS Bhavan at 5.15pm.

NFAEE meeting again to plan for wide protests against the attempts of DAE to scuttle the bilateral discussion and build strong movement

As the backbone of the department working, we declare before Indian public opinion:

Despite the vicious suppression Plant Operators, Maintainers & Supervisory category staff suffered, carrier prospects, paltry of payment for extra work, inadequate compensation for NRPSA, total denial of NDA and despite the racial and financial discrimination which has grown over decades have not had their morale broken?

We denounce the administration, which today tries to pose as a benefactor to our work assistants, canteen employees, security guard & purchase & stores cadre and state that it has been carrying out Recruitment Rules that has denied many of our finest men and women of their due promotion and denying the right to be considered for the existing vacant posts and refusing to provide medical attention and not even considering compassionate appointments to their families

WE disapprove ………….....................................Scientific Assistant’s carrier prospects

WE concern.....................Not respect the senior most Work Assistants and Technicians

WE critique………………….....................Stores and Purchase not converting technical

We condemn.............increase in work load of administration, accounts & auxiliary staff

We doom……………………Working condition of workforce in the field areas of AMD

We therefore call for unity from the working class, since only through unity can we overcome and destroy the power of the bourgeoisie and of domination. Only unity will lead us to victory and definitive freedom from the exploitative working structures

We also draw the attention of our class comrades in NPCIL, to the fact the problem of the pay and promotion can no longer be considered a secondary question and it is the time for uniting the work force for the common cause of the employees on pay & promotion, safety & security and self reliance.

NFAEE determination to fight is increased and our struggle will continue.

NAFEE zindabad

Working class unity zindabad

United will stand

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