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Monday, April 22, 2013

Day Long Dharna _ an Appeal to DAE Employees



An Appeal to all DAE Employees


Dear Colleagues,

The National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees (NFAEE) had an introductory meeting with the current chairman AEC on 10th July 2012, subsequent his assuming charges to office.   As the outcome of the meeting the Chairman AEC requested to submit the issues of importance for discussion.  Accordingly the NFAEE has submitted 12 point charter for bilateral discussion. Now it is 9 months and 12 days has passed. Still we are in dark about the discussion. In the meantime on 15th February 2013 the Director IR&W intimated through a letter that almost all the major issues submitted for discussion are unwarranted and no need of discussion. On 25th February 2013 NFAEE appealed the Chairman, AEC to initiate bilateral discussion. The concern of NFAEE towards the callous attitude of the DAE administration has been expressed and requested to arrange a meeting with the Chairman AEC. 

Instead of getting a call letter for meeting, the employees of DAE were shocked/surprised with a clarification, denying  the promotional benefit of one increment (on same Grade Pay) extended by the Ministry of Expenditure by vide their OM No. 10/02/2011 – E.III/A dated 07.01.2013. This OM was issued only after continuous deliberation in the National Anomaly Committee constituted by the Government of India. The clarification was issued by the DAE under the pretext that the norms for technical staff was revised by Trombay council (TC) vide Note No. TC/1(52)/89/2011/56035 dated 27.06.2011. It is a fact that the said revised TC norms were made applicable prospectively with effect from July 2011 and not retrospectively, where as the OM issued by the Department of Expenditure is effective from 1st January 2006.

Time and again the DAE administration has proved their apathetic and prejudiced attitude towards the issues concerning the employees, by issuing clarifications without going through the merits of the issues. Similarly there are number of issues pending for decision at DAE and no sincere effort has took to resolve the same.

 The Working Committee meeting of NFAEE held at Kalpakkam on 16th & 17th March 2013 decided to hold the program of DAY LONG DHARNA in all DAE units on 23rd April 2013, if the Department has not called for discussion. 

          All affilaites of NFAEE has been endorsed the call given by NFAEE and decided to hold DAY LONG DHARNA on 23rd April 2013 in front of DAE Establishments across the country from early morning onwards. All the employees are requested to extend the solidarity and join in the meetings to express the concern and make the Dharna program a grand success.


1.      Immediate action on long pending issues of Scientific Assistants

a.   Ensure Track change from SA to SO/TO without out linking additional qualifications
b.   Ensure Grade pay Rs4600 to existing SA B and cascading effect should be made to the next higher grades
c.    Fulfill the commitment given by the Department in the affidavit filed in the court to maintain the status of Pay & Allowances of SA’s on par with that of Scientific Officer.
d.   To ensure fixation benefit, upgrade the pay structure of the merged scale

2.   Restore the promotion awarded to the  Work Assistants (erstwhile Mali, Helper, etc) after 01.01.2006 and extend promotional benefits to all by fixing their pay in the next Grade Pay

3.      Remove the discrepancies in the pay structure & promotion norms of Technical Staff

a.   Ensure the promotional benefit for senior most technical staff on par with their juniors as per the revised norms. (Ensure the senior technicians also attaining the Grade Pay of Rs7600  by 33 years as in the case of juniors as per the revised promotional norms)
b.   Restore the advance increment given to the CAT II trainees after their successful completion of training and absorption in the Department
c.    Entry level for CAT II trainees should be Technician C with additional increment as the case may be

4.      Revise the eligibility criteria for Departmental accommodation in the DAE Allotment Rules

5.      One more option should be given to all Technical Staff to switch over from CPF to GPF as given by Department of Space

6.      Revise all allowances

a. Revise the Overtime Allowance, Night Duty Allowance as done by Ministry of Railways
b. Revise the NRPSA as actual compensation

7. Implement the Recruitment Rules and Promotion Norms for auxiliary, Purchase & Store Staff and complete the Cadre Restructuring of Administrative & Accounts Staff

a.   Notify immediately the new Recruitment Rules and Promotion Norms for Canteen &  Security Staff
b.   Notify immediately the new Recruitment Rules Promotion Norms for  Purchase & Staff personnel
c.    Formulate Promotion Norms for Drivers as applicable in the case of Technical personnel
d.   Arrange meeting with the Third Cadre Review Committee immediately and speed up the cadre restructuring of administrative, accounts, auxiliary, Purchase & Store staff.
e.   Action may initiate to convert Store personnel into Technical

8.      Remove the discrepancies in PRIS

a. PRIS (G) should be extended to the employees belongs to the supporting units such as DCSEM, GSO, DPS, etc on par with the parent organization for which these units works
b. PRIS (I) should be extended to all auxiliary, administrative, accounts, Purchase & Store personnel during their promotion
c.  Before finalizing the target of PRIS the recognized unions and associations should be taken into confidence

9.  Extend Tribal Allowances to the DAE employees on par with the state Government rate where DAE units stationed

10.Restart HWP Tuticorine immediately

11.Ensure Safety & Security of all DAE installations

a.  Stop downsizing, out sourcing of DAE activities. Recruit man power in proportionate to the expansion of projects and activities of the Department
b.   Immediately  scrap all contractual assignment in operational & maintenance, other strategic points such as security, administrative work, etc awarded in various Nuclear installations
c.   Follow all Safety regulations stipulated by AERB and BARC Safety Advisory Council

12.Extend facilities to NFAEE offices and Chief executives of the Federation

a.   Proper Office facility should be given to NFAEE
b.   Telephone, Internet, Fax, permission for using mobile phone, etc, should be extended to the Chief Executive of the Federation.

United action only will give result

Unity is our strength

Let us strengthen it

NFAEE Zindabad

A. Sathasivam                                                                            Jayaraj K.V
President                                                                        Secretary General



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