NFAEE is the one and only all India Federation of Atomic Energy Worker, recognised by Government of india/Department of Atomic Energy (DAE).

It represents the Industrial, Research & Development and Service organisations under Department of Atomic Energy.

26 Unions and associations of DAE Employees recognised under CCS (RSA) Rule are affiliated with NFAEE

Thursday, November 23, 2017

National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees
Recognised by DAE vide DAE OM No. 8/1/2007 – IR&W/95 dated 13th June 2007
NFAEE OFFICE, Opp: NIYAMAK BHAVAN, Anusaktinagar, Mumbai 400 094
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Ref.No: nfaee/sg/17/187                                                                          31.10.2017


All Affiliates,

Dear Comrades,


Notice is hereby given that the 6th All India Conference of National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees (NFAEE) shall be held at NFC Hyderabad from 9th December to 11th December 2017 to transact the following agenda:


i)     To read and confirm the minutes of the 5th All India Conference held at HWP Kota.
ii)    To adopt working report for the period of 2014 to 2016.
iii)   To adopt the audited statement of accounts for the years 2014, 2015 & 2016
iv)  To appoint the Auditor(s) for the period of 2017, 2018 & 2019 or till next Conference and fix their remuneration.
v)    To act as an appellate authority in matters pertaining to the affairs of Federation.
vi)  To consider the Amendments in the Constitution of NFAEE. Proposed amendments are attached as Annexure.
vii)  To elect the office bearers as mentioned in Article 19 and the members of the General Council as mentioned in Article 16.
viii)        To consider any resolution for which the due notice has been given.
ix)  To formulate the charter of demand.
x)    To take such matters not herein specifically provided for with the permission of Chairman.

1.   The time schedule shall be intimated in due course.
2.   The conference shall be attended by the delegates elected by the affiliated originations as per the provision 15 (a) (i) & (ii) of the Constitution of NFAEE. Article 15 (a) (i) & (ii) reproduced below:
a.    Delegates: Elected delegates representing federating Unions/ Associations on the basis of one representative for every 250 members or part thereof subject to a minimum of three for every federating Union / Association and a maximum of twenty five.
b.    Ex. Officio delegates: Office bearers of the Federation shall be the ex-officio Delegates.
c.    Observers: Elected Observers representing federating unions/ Associations. The NFAEE Secretariat has decided to restrict the number of observers to attend the All India Conference elected by the affiliated organizations as per the number given below based on the facilities available at NFC Hyderabad:

                                                 i.    Upto membership 250          :        2 Observer
                                                ii.    251 to 500 memberships     :        3 Observers
                                               iii.    501 to 750 memberships     :        4 Observers
                                              iv.    751 to 1000 memberships   :        5 Observers
                                                v.    Above 1000 memberships    :        6 observers

3.   If any suggestion/correction on amendments proposed in the constitution shall be send the NFAEE Head Quarters before 20th November 2017
4.   If any resolution to be adopted in the Conference shall be send to the NFAEE Head Quarters before 20th November 2017.
5.   The total Membership shall be counted based on salary deduction for the month of 31st December 2016 or the last deduction of membership recovery done during the year 2016 in case of deduction on yearly basis. All are requested to update the membership list by sending the list before 20th November 2017.
6.   The details of the last election conducted by the affiliated organizations such as date of election, tenure, list of office bearers and the year for election due, etc. should be send to the NFAEE Head Quarters before 20th November 2017. This is need to update the list of Working Committee Members.
7.   Elect the delegates/observers and book the ticket in advance and communicate the same to Head Quarters before 20th November 2017.
8.   The donation coupons/Receipts printed by the Reception Committee shall be dispatched immediately. All the affiliates are requested to collect maximum donation among the employees during the month of November and December and should bring the unused coupons and receipts along with the counter foil of coupon book and carbon copy of the receipt books.
9.   The reception Committee also proposed to print a Souvenir on the occasion of the Conference. The Souvenir Tariff/Order form also shall be dispatch immediately. All affiliates are requested to collect maximum possible advertisement for the Souvenir and also requested to place an advertisement of each affiliates as per their capacity in the Souvenir.  

All affiliates are requested to discuss in the Managing/ Executive Committee and take such decisions to make the 6th All India Conference of NFAEE a grand success and memorable.

With fraternal Greetings

Comradely yours

(Jayaraj KV)
Secretary General
Address for Correspondence: Jayaraj. KV, Secretary General, NFAEE
PESS/UED; BARC, Trombay, Mumbai 400 085
Tel. No: (O): 022 – 2559 6519; (Res): 022 – 2746 4704; (Mobile): 9869501189
Email Address:,

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