NFAEE is the one and only all India Federation of Atomic Energy Worker, recognised by Government of india/Department of Atomic Energy (DAE).

It represents the Industrial, Research & Development and Service organisations under Department of Atomic Energy.

26 Unions and associations of DAE Employees recognised under CCS (RSA) Rule are affiliated with NFAEE

Friday, December 4, 2015

National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees
Recognised by DAE vide DAE OM No. 8/1/2007 – IR&W/95 dated 13th June 2007
NFAEE Office, Opp. NIYAMAK BHAVAN, Anusaktinagar, Mumbai 400 094
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Ref.No: nfaee/sg/15/214                                                              01.12.2015


The Secretary to the Government of India
Department of Atomic Energy &
The Chairman
Atomic Energy Commission
CSM Marg, Mumbai 400 001

Sub: Implementation of 7th CPC Report –
Direction from Department of Expenditure

          Please refer the DO letter No.  D.O.No.1-4/2012-EIII(A) dated 21.11.2015 issued by the Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance immediately after the submission of the Report of the 7th Pay Commission by its Chairman to the Government. A copy of the letter DO letter is attached herewith for your ready reference.

          It is mentioned in the letter that an Empowered Committee of Secretaries chaired by Cabinet Secretary is being constituted to consider the recommendations in its entirety and after considering the views of all the Departments as well as the Staff Associations and JCM. It is also mentioned in the letter that an implementation Cell is also being created in the Finance Ministry to process the recommendations based on the views of the Ministries/Departments, Staff Associations and JCM for submitting the matter for consideration of the empowered Committee of Secretaries and thereafter for approval of the Cabinet based on the conclusions arrived at by the Empowered Committee of Secretaries. The DO letter further suggests that before the Ministries/ Departments formulates their opinion should consider the views of Staff Associations under their administrative control and the recommendations may reaches to the Empowered Committee for a final shape for approval of the Cabinet

          In the above referred DO letter further it is requested to all ministries and Departments to initiate the following:

(i)                           A Nodal Officer at the level of a Joint Secretary may be nominated immediately. Whom the implementation Cell in this Ministry would be interacting with during the course of processing of the recommendations

(ii)                The recommendations of the Commission may be examined in regard to issues concerning your Department and the views thereon may be furnished to this Ministry within three weeks.

(iii)              The recommendations of the Commission may be examined in regard Posts/Cadre/service/ organization under your Department and the views thereon may be furnished to this Ministry within three weeks.

(iv)              While formulating the views of your Department, the comments, if any of any of the recognized Staff Associations under the administrative control of your Department may also be obtained and taken into account.

(v)                In case your Department has any view on any of the recommendations contained in the Report, even though it may not directly pertain to your Department, may also be furnished under a separate category within three weeks.

          This DO letter under reference is issued by the Department of Expenditure on 21.11.2015 and already 12 days are over. In the letter directed to all Departments to furnish the recommendations within three weeks from the date of issuing of the DO letter. That means by 11th of December 2015 the Joint Secretary whoever may be assigned by you is supposed to be send the recommendations from Department of Atomic Energy after consulting the Federations, other Associations, etc.

          Already all ministries/departments issued notification of constitution of pay commission cell in their department and asked the Federations, unions, associations and employees to suggest their comments before 7the December or nearest dates. When we got such information, NFAEE wrote letter to the Addition Secretary by enclosing the copy of such letters.  The Department who could not receive the DO letter from Department of Expenditure, when the Staff Association communicated, they approached  Department of Expenditure and collect the DO letter and action initiated.

Till date NFAEE has not received such letter or information that DAE has been issued any such letter by DAE appointing any Jt. Secretary as Nodal Officer or seeking comments on Pay Commission Report.

Under this circumstance we request you to direct the concerned officers to initiate action on the above deferred DO letter issued by Department of Expenditure/Ministry of Finance.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

(Jayaraj KV)
Secretary General 
Address for Correspondence: Jayaraj. KV, Secretary General, NFAEE
PESS/UED; BARC, Trombay, Mumbai 400 085
Tel. No: (O): 022 – 25596519; (Res): 022 – 25554179; (Mobile): 9869501189

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