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Friday, October 10, 2008

National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees
Recognised by DAE vide DAE OM No. 8/1/2007 – IR&W/95 dated 13th June 2007
JCM Office, Brindavan, Anusaktinagar, Mumbai 400 094
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Ref. No: nfaee/sg/08/135 25.09.2008


Dr. A.K. Suri,
Committee to examine the Part B of the Government Notification on CCS (Revised Pay Rules) 2008
Department of Atomic Energy


National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees (NFAEE) welcome the decision of the Department to constitute a committee vide their letter No. 32/1(2)/2008-SCS/R-198 dated 12th September 2008 to examine the implementation of the decisions of the Government on the Sixth Central Pay Commission (SCPC) with regard to certain common categories of employees as contained in Part B of the First Schedule of the Notification dated 29th August 2008, of the Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance. NFAEE would like invite the attention of the Committee that the anomalies/ discrepancies brought out to the notice of the Department as well as to the Government have not been addressed while issuing the Notification of the Government on 29th August 2008.

As we expressed earlier, the recommendations of SCPC was far below the expectations of the Central Government employees in general and that of the Department like DAE, DOS etc. Some of the recommendations will not only take away the existing privileges laid under the recruitment & promotional rules but are in retrograde in nature also. A few of the recommendations are totally against the natural justice for equal rights and against the existing vertical – horizontal relativity. Neither the report of SCPC nor the Secretaries committee’s modification addresses the problems facing the scientific & research & Development Organisations such as to attract and retain the young and talented incumbents to the service.

The Department too failed to pursue either the SCPC or the Secretaries Committee to overcome the brain drain scenario by offering a better pay packet as other ministries could do for their employees by upgrading the Pay structure. Hence the Government notification as such failed to remove this paradox situation of attracting the best brain and talented Technocrats & Technicians to the Department. The growth of the NATION always related with the advancement in the arena of Science & Technology. Country’s prestige and honor lies in its dominance in Science & Technology. Though the Government of India has identified the potential of the Departments like DAE, DOS and DRDO with the advancement in the technology, it is unfortunate to note here that a raw deal has been given to the employees of such organizations while issuing the Notification by the Government on Pay revision.

Though all discrepancies in the SCPC report was brought to the notice to the Department in time vide our letter No. nfaee/sg/08/52 dated 5th May 2008 after detailed discussion with the Secretary DAE and other senior officials including the officers assigned to prepare suggestions/modifications to submit the Secretaries Committee and pleaded for redressal of grievances. It is pertinent to note here that various ministries & departments could take up the issues with Pay Commission as well as the Secretaries Committee and get it notified the upgraded pay structure of department specified cadres. Postman, Assistant Accountant, Assistant Accounts Officers, Security Guards, Technician, Assistants, Junior Administration Officer, Section Officer, Notice Server, UDC etc are some of the post in various ministries and departments got upgraded in the part C. Where as in Part B of the notification it is assured upgradations of various posts such as Nurses, teachers, Organised Accounts Cadre, Office Staff etc.

Keeping the above in mind, Department has to take utmost care to address the grievances raised by various categories of employees and also set right all anomalies created/to be created while implementing the Revised Pay Rules 2008. The basic approach of the Department towards to ensure sanctity and integrity of the whole DAE family can attain:
· by ensuring adequate pay to attract & retain the best talents at various level
· by assuring career progression at a lesser span of time
· by placing proper scale of pay such that a distinct attraction and ensuring vertical & horizontal relativity exists in the Department as well as in other establishments.

In our earlier letters to the Secretary to Department we brought out the various discrepancies, anomalies and the inequitable principle adopted by the Government. Hence we request to the committee the following issues:

1. The upward movement of Group D posts into the entry level of Group C with out ensuring Career Progression to the senior most employees in the scale of Pay of S2, S2 A, S3, & S4 by assuring Career Progression by extending financial upgradation in Grade Pay equal to the promotion already they availed will continue the discontentment among the employees.

2. Unless the Department takes action to de-merge the merged scales of pay either by moving up the posts in the pay scales S11, S 12 etc, or abolishing the post/s of the merged scale by moving the employees in the merged scales in to next grade hierarchy the discrepancy crated by the merger of the pay scales shall continue.

3. The impact of the Cadre Review Report, the entry-level pay for Technical Staff in the pre revised pay, as 4000 -6000 etc also should be considered while taking the decision.

4. Though the DPS has been recognized as distinct Cadre apart from Administration and Accounts, no steps has been taken so far to evolve proper pay structure based on the job/qualification requirements etc

5. The retention of posts having the scale of Pay Rs 8000 – 13500, as a promotional post in Pay Band 2 instead of PB 3 should be rectified. The Pay Commission as well as the Secretaries Committee taken care to place various categories of employee who entered in the pay scale of Rs 8000 – 13500 by virtue of promotion such as nurses, section officers, teachers etc.

Based on the detailed discussion in the Working Committee of NFAEE held on 17th & 18th September 2008 in Mumbai, NFAEE decided to submit the suggestions/ enclosed with this letter for the consideration of the Committee constituted by the Department.

Detailed note along with illustrations on discrepancies/anomalies and suggestions on categories left out in this letter including isolated categories shall be submitted at the earliest.

The NFAEE further request you to arrange a meeting of the Committee members with a delegation of NFAEE to explain our views regarding the implementation of Part B & the need to consider Part C of the notification while taking decision in DAE.

Anticipating an early appoint with the committee.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Secretary General

Address for Correspondence: Jayaraj.KV, Secretary General, NFAEE
PESS/UED; BARC, Trombay, Mumbai 400 085
Tel. No: (O): 022 – 25594549; (Res): 022 – 2746 4704; (Mobile): 9869501189
Email Address:,


1. In the terms of reference of the committee constituted by DAE vide their Office Memorandum No. 32/1(2)/2008-SCS/R-198 dated 12th September 2008 it was asked to examine all aspects and formulate proposal for implementing the recommendations of SCPC by ensuring not to disturb the vertical & horizontal relativity among various cadres as well as the cascading effect.
2. The Committee was also asked to submit proposals to remove the anomalies to be arises while implementing the Government Notification
3. The Committee was further asked to take care/precaution not to exacerabated the anomalies while recommending proposals on selecting scales of Pay by ensuring parity amongst the equivalent cadres.
4. By keeping the above mentioned directives in the terms of reference in the said OM, we suggest the following points should be considered while suggesting the Pay structure for various categories of employees of the Department:

A. All Group D posts after merging into the pre revised Scales of Pay of Rs 2750 – 4400, the fixation shall be carried out to the employees after giving financial upgradation in grade pay equal to the number of promotions availed in the exiting pay scales to ensure he seniority in letter & spirit which assured by the SCPC
B. The recommendations of Second Cadre Review should be consider while recommending Pay Structure for auxiliary, administrative accounts, and purchase & store staff of the Department.
C. The recommendations contains in the Part B as well as Part C of the Government Notification on certain common categories of staff and upgraded pay structure for certain post in various ministries/departments respectively should take into consideration for the post having identical qualifications, experience, nature of job etc.
D. Upgraded pay structure for Nurses, Teaching Staff, Organised Accounts Cadre etc should be implemented with out any alteration/modification.
E. While selecting the Pay Structure for Technical, Administration, Accounts, Purchase & Stores etc, the vertical & horizontal relativity exists in the Department with those cadres got upgradation based on the recommendations contains in the Part B of the notification.

F. Upgradation at the entry level in certain categories to over come the brain drain, such as in the case of Scientific Officers, Scientific Assistants, Technicians is to be carried out based on the recommendation of the SCPC as well as the earlier Pay Commission. The recommendation of 5th Pay Commission to ensure the entry level of Technical staff (Tradesman B in DAE) in the Pay Scale of Rs 4000 – 6000 who have the qualification of SSC with ITI or +2 in science as minimum qualification should consider
G. In the Government notification it was mentioned that the Department specific recommendations which are not included in this resolution shall be processed by the concerned Department/Ministry and approvals of the Government obtained in consultation with the Ministry of Finance and or Department of personnel
H. While adopting the Part B of the notification, Department of Space (DOS) de-merged the merged pay scales of Rs 5000 – 8000 and Rs 5500 – 9000 by extending the Grade Pay of Rs 4200 and Rs 4600 respectively and the cascading effect has been given further. Copies of the OMs issued by DOS are available in

Enclosed here with the proposed Pay structure for various categories of employees

Let us take the liberty to quote Dr. Abdhul Kalam, former President of India while addressing Scientists and Technocrats, “Science academics and scientific advisory committee should discuss ways to ensure an assured career growth for science graduates and send recommendations to the Cabinet for the same. We should work for the creation of science cadre with a clear mission goals, well defined growth path and attractive salaries in the organizations such as Department of Atomic Energy, Department of Space, Defence Research & Development Organisation, Department of Science & Technology, Department of Earth Sciences, Department of Bio – Technology, Department of Agriculture., CSIR and the universities”.


The activities of the Auxiliary Staff appointed as Helper (Trade), Helper (CM), Mali, Ward Boy, Ayah, Security personnel, Canteen employees etc involves:

· Cleaning of radio active, contaminated and hazardous area, disposing of active waste, cosmetic cleaning work of active and inactive area.
· Handling of all kinds of radio active decontamination work
· Active support for maintenance as well as support the operational activities in the plants
· Proper House keeping
· Proper Gardening to ensure greenish surrounding in and around the establishments
· To help the doctors, nurses in the hospital, ensure cleaning in and around the hospitals, dispensaries.
· The nomenclature of the Hospital staff should be reviewed based on the existing system in DOS
· To maintain proper security to the establishment. Protect the man & material of the Department from all types of threat.
· To ensure hygienic conditions in the canteen. To ensure hygienic food for the employees in time.


Designations of the Post may be re-designated such as Field/Plant Attendant, Technical Attendant, Cosmetic Attendant, Security Assistant, Medical Attendant, Nursing Attendant, Catering Attendant etc.

Merged Pay scales of Rs. 2610 – 4000 should bring back to Rs. 2610 – 3540 and 2650 – 4000 as recommended in the 2nd Cadre Review Report.

Care Taker Staff of various Departmental Guest Houses should be considered on par with similar categories of employees placed in corresponding Pay Band/Grade Pay. 10% of the Pay shall be given as Care Taker Allowance. Department also should consider the feasibility to create a Care takers grade by centralizing the post controlling by DAE, so that promotional hierarchy can be evolve.

Promotional norms should be reviewed and re designed to ensure Track change from the auxiliary post to Technical/Administration etc as & when they attain the Grade Pay of Rs 2400.

The job of the Drivers in the Department is not just like as Staff Car Drivers that involves bring the officers in work place and drop back to their home in the evening. Most of the Drivers in DAE are exposed for multiple responsibilities to handle light as well as heavy vehicle.

The job of the drivers involves in project development which always may be in the remote locality, transportation of radio active and/or hazardous materials at a long distance, working for senior scientists and VVIPs.

Duty also involves in Round the Clock Shift. Most essential service during emergency occurs.

Present promotional avenues are linked with vacancy available based on specific ratio.

Since the activities of the Drivers of the Department is entirely different from that of the Staff Car Drivers, a separate Pay Scales should be selected for them.
Those who are handling Heavy Vehicle, they should be extended an Heavy Vehicle Allowance @ 10% of the Pay (Pay in Pay Band + Grade Pay

1. Technical staff in the Department is recruits based on the minimum qualification of SSC with ITI or +2 in Science. Those qualified are appointed as trainees for two years and after the completion of the training based on the interview and grading, posting are being offered. By reviewing the recent year’s recruitment it can be see that normally offered the post of Tradesman ‘C ‘at the entry level.
2. Normally those who directly recruited with out training also offered Trades man ‘B’ in the scale of pay of Rs 3200 - 4900.
3. The grades continue upto Tradesman ‘K’ in the pay scale of Rs 10000 – 15200 except Tradesman ‘I’. In short in DAE we have 8 grades in between Tradesman ‘B’ and Tradesman ‘K’
4. Where as in Department of Space (DOS) the entry with minimum qualification of SSC with ITI is restricted as Tradesman ‘A’ with the scale of Pay of Rs 3050 – 4590.
5. The grades in DOS too continues upto the scale of Pay of Rs 10000 – 15200 in Technician grades but in between, they don’t have Tradesman ‘B’, ‘C’ & ‘I’. In short they have 6 grades in between the entry level and that of Rs 10000 – 15200.
6. The comparative chart given below shows the promotional norms of DAE & DOS
1. The above chart shows that a Technician with ITI qualification reaches in the Scale of Pay of Rs 10000 – 15200 as Technical supervisor within a span of 27 years of regular service where as in DAE a Tradesman reaches in the scale of pay after 33 years only. After getting an extra promotion after a gap of 6 years only will reach in that grade. Where for Scientific Assistants who were appointed in the Scale of Pay of Rs 5500 – 9000, to reach in the Grade equivalent to the Scale of Pay of Rs 16400 – 20000 has to face 7 interviews with a span of 34 years in DAE and 6 interviews in the span of 31 years.
2. While implementing the scale of pay after 5th CPC, Dr. Madhavan Nair Committee recommended to abolish the Technician ‘B’ to overcome the recommendation of merger of the scales of pay of Technician ‘A’ and ‘B’ (Rs 950 – 1150 & 1150 – 1500). Tradesman ‘C’ was abolished prior to 5th CPC itself. Hence after the implementation 5th CPC, DOS was operating only 8 scales of pay for Technicians.
3. To bring the parity with the scale of pay operating in DOS, The designation Tradesman K should be abolished and the said scale of pay should be given to Tradesman ‘J’.
4. 5th Central Pay Commission in its suggested vide para No. 43.7, 43.8 & 51.34 to upgrade the entry level pay for Technical staff in the pre revised pay exists during that time, i.e. Rs 1320 – 1800. If that were implemented during the implementation of 5th CPC recommendations, the entry level for Technician would be Rs. 4000 – 6000. The matter is still pending with DAE for arbitration and understood that the Ministry of Personnel asked to consider/settle the issue, based on the recommendation of the SCPC.
5. SCPC has been upgraded the pay scales of Nurses from Rs 5000 – 8000 to Rs 7450 – 11500 and correspondingly other grades too. The upwardly revised pay structure may be extended to the nursing staff.
6. Nurses in DAE have been included in the Technical Cadre on par with Scientific Assistants. Staff nurse having the qualification of BSc Nursing was in the scale of pay of Rs 5000 – 8000. Now SCPC upgraded the scale of pay of staff nurses into the scale of pay of Rs 7450 – 11500. The prescribed qualification for Scientific Assistant ‘A” BSc/Diploma in Engineering and with in house training they were given the grade of Scientific Assistant ‘B’ post in the scale of pay of Rs 5500 – 9000. To maintain the horizontal & vertical relativity of all Technical grades, those technical posts in the scale of pay of Rs 5000 – 8000 should bring into the scale of pay of Rs 7450 – 11500.
7. Primary School Teachers are in the scale of pay of Rs 4500 – 7000 which is equivalent to Tradesman ‘D’. Qualification for primary school teacher is SSC +2 + one year Teachers’ Training Certificate. SCPC recommended higher grade in the scale of pay 6500 – 10500 for Primary Teachers Grade III with promotional post in the grade of 7450 – 11500. To ensure the horizontal – vertical relativity the scale of pay of Technical staff should be upgraded.
8. Draftsman in DAE has been put at the entry level of Rs 4500 – 7000 as Tradesman (Drg). With three years of experience Draftsmen have been offered the scale of pay of Rs 5000 -8000. It is pertinent to note here that the draftsman course is a two-year certificate course offered by ITI under Labour Ministry who also conducts other certificate courses for various trades. But only in DAE has given an extra ordinary consideration for the Draftsman course by equating the same with Diploma Course conducting by Polytechnics under Board of Technical education of respective states/BSc from various universities. Even in the Department of Space the Draftsman are given the same scale of pay on par with other Technicians starts with Rs 3050 – 4590. To ensure parity with Drafts man & Tradesman of DAE, in future draftsman also is included in the Training programme offered by DAE in Category II. However the present draftsman should be protected by ensuring the present grades & promotion avenues.
9. As per the Order issued by Health Ministry the Dental Technicians should be in the scale of pay of Rs 5000 – 8000.
10. Initial appointment of Pharmacist was in the grade of Rs 1350 – 2040. Fifth CPC has been merged the scale with Rs 1400 – 2300 and the corresponding scale has been given as Rs 4500 – 7000. But in DAE the initial grade was been given on par with Rs 1320 – 2040 and corresponding scale of Rs 4000 – 6000 was given to Pharmacist ‘A’. When implementing the recommendation of Anand Committee, the scale of pay of Pharmacist was not upgraded as done in other cases. Thus the Pharmacist grade has been brought down on par with Tradesman ‘D’. To meet the discrepancies facing by the pharmacists the entry level grade may be upgrades to Rs 5000 – 8000 and correspondingly higher grades may be recommended for Pharmacist ‘B (spl)’, ‘C’, ‘D’ and so on.
11. Data Entry Operators in the Department were appointed based on the specific qualification in their filed. But the recommendations of Fifth CPC have not been implemented. SCPC also recommended up gradation of certain scales for DEO/DPA.

Considering the above-mentioned points, we suggest the following Pay scales for Technical Staff:

As per the Second Cadre Review, the minimum qualification for entry level recruitment in administration/accounts cadre has been modified as graduation with typing skill and computer knowledge.

Similarly the minimum qualification of Stenographers also has been enhanced to Graduation with pass in Shorthand and typing skill and computer knowledge.

Almost all major departments such as Income Tax the LDC has been brought into the grade of 4000 – 6000 after the successful implementation of Cadre Review after 5th CPC.

Job of our administrative staff involves in project developments, attached with scientists/technocrats. Preparation of scientific/technical notes, materials for seminar, technical discussions etc

Workload has been increased substantially after the reduction in staff strength.

Administrative & Account staff only having career progression based on the vacancy oriented promotion scheme.

Considering the above points and the recommendations of 2nd Cadre Review Report of the Department, we suggest the following upgraded pay scales for administrative and accounts staff:

1) Directorate of Purchase and Stores having head quarter at Mumbai and regional purchase & stores units located in parts of India is a service organisation mainly responsible for procurement of materials and services to the various projects of the Department of Atomic Energy and last 3 decades provided satisfactory services to complete various projects.

2) The Cadre is a unique cadre apart from the Accounts and Administration and also maintaining separate identity and is now one of the isolate cadres without having any type of financial upgradation.

3) In view of para 2 duties and responsibilities are also unique as under:-

The DIRECTORATE OF PURCHASE AND STORES (DPS) is a constituent Unit of the DEPARTMENT OF ATOMIC ENERGY (DAE) catering to the needs of various programs of the DAE in the matter of procurement of equipment, materials, components, raw materials, plant and machinery spare parts etc. and other Materials Management functions related thereto. Due to the sensitive nature of activities, DAE has been exempted from the purview of Directorate General of Supplies & Disposal (DGS&D). The services of DPS employees are transferable all over India as the Directorate is having more than 20 units all over the country.

4) The Pay commission justifies equal pay for equal work, but the nature and duties of Purchase and Stores are very unique and none other staff working under Accounts and Administration are entrusted with such a type of duties and responsibilities. Said Cadre deserved upgradation of pay scale under part-B of the first schedule of the notification dated 29th August 2008 issued by Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance.

5) The post of Store/Purchase Clerk is the lowest feeder category for DPS Cadre. The person has to carry highly responsible & important jobs of materials handling including the other office works at par either Administrative/Accts jobs, whereas this post has very low pay scale & poor future prospectus. The well-qualified person if somehow joins DPS, within short period either he quit service or frustrated due to aforesaid reasons. Therefore this post deserves up gradation of pay scale.

6) Jr. Purchase Assistant/Jr. Store Keeper grade were in the pay scale of Rs. 1200-2040 in the fourth CPC were fixed in the corresponding pay scale of Rs. 4000-6000. In this connection equivalent post in store keeping staff operated in the Military Engineering Services were upgraded to the pre-revised pay scale of Rs. 1600-2660 and fixed in the pay scale of Rs. 5000-8000. The Jr. Store Keeper/Jr. Purchase Assistant post is feeder as well as promotion (50%+50%) They have to shoulder very important high responsibilities of materials management, whereas the pay scale is very low. Therefore proposed pre-revised pay corresponding revised pay scales in respective pay band & grade pay is fully justified for this post. Therefore the pre-revised pay scale of Rs. 4000-6000 should also be upgraded to the pay scale of 5000-8000 and corresponding pay scale of Rs. 9300-34800 in PB-2 with corresponding grade pay of Rs. 4200 may be granted.

7) Prior to 4th Pay Commission & after Implementation of 4th CPC Assistant, Assistant Accountant, Purchase Assistant and Store Keeper were in the same pay scale. During 5th CPC Assistant Accountant were fixed in the pay scale of Rs. 6500-200-10500 and Assistant in the CCSS were fixed in the pay scale of Rs. 6500-200-10500 but equivalent post in DAE were fixed in the pay scale of Rs. 5500-175-9000 whereas Purchase Assistant/Store Keeper who are equivalent to Assistant Accountant & Assistant were kept in pay scale of Rs. 5000-150-8000. Store Keeper/ Purchase Assistant is the promotion post for JSK/JPA and is the key post of DPS Cadre. As they cater most of the high responsibilities of management of materials directly & in-charge of materials sections as also Govt. charges for Fidelity Bond payments from them. They acquired the deep technical knowledge about each & every materials procure, receipt, check, classify/codify, storage, preservation, account, issue & dispose off in addition to keep manual as well computerized inventory of records. This post, therefore highly justified to be placed in the higher pay scales as has been awarded by other Govt. Deptts. & Also for Admn./Accts cadre. Hence the pre-revised Rs. 5000-8000 were operated in this Department for the post of Purchase Assistant/Store Keeper should be upgraded to the pre-revised pay scale of Rs. 7450-11500 shall be placed in the corresponding pay-scale of Rs. 9300-34800 in PB-2 with corresponding grade pay of Rs. 4600.

8) The Sr. Store Keeper / Sr. Purchase Assistant post has been created by 1st Cadre Review by DAE to remove stagnation of SK/PA. Senior Purchase Assistant/Senior Store Keeper who were drawing pay scale of Rs. 5500-9000 should be placed in the pre revised scale of Rs. 7500-12000 in the PB-2 with revised pay scale of Rs. 9300-34800 with next corresponding grade pay of Rs. 4800 may be granted.

9) Similarly Asstt. Purchase Officer/ Asstt. Stores Officer who was in pre-revised pay scale of Rs. 6500-10500 should be upgraded to the pre-revised of Rs. 8000-13500 and be fixed in PB-2 with corresponding pay band of Rs. 9300-34800 with corresponding grade of Rs. 5400. If the proposal submitted is accepted and implemented will help to solve disparities between Section Officers in the CSS (DAE) and Assistant Purchase Officer/ Asstt. Stores Officer in this Department who were in the equal pay scale since second pay commission onwards till implementation of report of Fifth CPC.

10) By seeing the above anomalies/discrepancies and based on the recommendations of the 2nd cadre review of DAE we suggest the following upgraded pay scales for Purchase & Store Staff:


anandhi said...

Sir, i am working in DAE, i want some of clarification, i was appointed in july 2004 as a tradesman "B" after 4 years i was promoted to tradesman "C" in may 2008, my basic was fixed in 7140.00+2400G.P. who is joined in tr/C after my promotion they are getting 7510.00 + 2400. G.P. am i get any anomalies with him? is it possible to get anomalies? Please give me the details to me, if possible send me the details about this to my mail ID : i am waiting for some one's reply

s.p said...

what are the promotional avenues for the persons who joins as Administrative officer in ISRO in the pay scale of 9300-34800 + grade pay 5400


DPS conducted departmental examination for the post of Storekeeper on 18/06/2011. About 200 candidates appeared for the exam. Result of the Departmental Examination i.e. pass or fail is declared on 04/10/2011 with 55 candidates declared "PASS" and all other as "FAIL" or "ABSENT". DPC met on 28/11/2011 and prepared a 25 candidates list for promotion on Storekeeper post. The PANEL list is published on 08/12/2011. Mark list is declared on 16/12/2011 which had 56 candidates declared as passed. surprisingly a candidate declared as fail in earlier result list is now appeared in final panel list. Now my question is what is the status of candidates passed in the examination but not secured position in DPC panel list for promotion. Are they have to appear the same exam next time and prove their ability once again OR THEY DON'T HAVE TO GIVE EXAM AGAIN. Please guide me on this topic. What will be the further procedure if new examination for the same post is declared after completion of this panel.

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