NFAEE is the one and only all India Federation of Atomic Energy Worker, recognised by Government of india/Department of Atomic Energy (DAE).

It represents the Industrial, Research & Development and Service organisations under Department of Atomic Energy.

26 Unions and associations of DAE Employees recognised under CCS (RSA) Rule are affiliated with NFAEE

Sunday, February 14, 2010


National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees




Recognised by DAE vide DAE OM No. 8/1/2007 – IR&W/95 dated 13th June 2007

JCM Office, Brindavan, Anusaktinagar, Mumbai 400 094

Web site:

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HELD ON 30.01.2010

The NFAEE Working Committee was held on 30th January 2010 at the ARWA hall, Anushakthi Nagar, Mumbai 400 094. The meting was presided by Com. G. Maniachari, President NFAEE.

Working Committee members from following affiliated unions and association were attended the meeting:

01. AEEA RMP Mysore

02. AEEA IGCAR Kalpakkam

03. BARCFEA BARCF Kalpakkam

04. GSOEA GSO Kalpakkam

05. HWEU HWP Tuticorin

06. HWP (M) EA HWP Manuguru

07. NFCEA NFC Hyderabad

08. NFC S SA NFC Hyderabad

09. BPKS HWP Baroda

10. RAKU HWP Kota

11. VECCSA VECC Kolkotta

12. BARCEAT BARC T Tarapur

13. DCS&EMSA DCSEM Mumabai

14. HWBSA HWB Mumbai

15. DPS (DAE) EA DPS Mumbai

16. AIAEDPS (S) SA DPS Mumbai

17. AEW&SU BARC Mumbai

Following Secretariat Members also were present in the meeting
01. G. Maniachari

02. Jayaraj.K.V

03. M. Sangiah

04. G.K.Pandey

05. S.R.Singh

06. S.K.Panchal

07. P.M.Worlikar

08. M.L. Anuradha

A. Sathasivam, K.G. Bilaskar, P. Sreenivasa Rao, Sanjay Bhowmik, intimated their inability to attend the meeting.
Apart from the affiliate organizations office bearers from AMD Employees Union, AMD Hyderabad also participated in the meeting.

Before initiating the agenda for discussion the meeting paid Homage to Com. Jyothi Basu, veteran trade union leader and leader of the communist movement in India and the former Chief Minister of West Bengal for 23 years who died on 18th January 2010. Also the meeting respectfully paid homage to Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of observing 30th January as martyr’s day.

In the brief Presidential address, Com. Maniachari mentioned the attitude of the department as well as the need of the united movement.

Agenda: Briefing by Secretary General

Secretary General briefed in length about the developments after the last Working Committee held at Chennai in the month of August 2009. As per the decision in the last Working Committee anomalies were invited from affiliates and their members and the same was scrutinized in the Secretariat meeting held at Mumbai on 09.11.2209 and finalized anomalies were submitted to the Department on 12th November 2009. He further explained the decision taken in the Secretariat meeting held on 9th November 2009.

During the period number of issues were taken up with the Department and wrote letters to DAE, BARC other ministries such as MOUD, PMO office etc on various issues. Representation on revised criteria on allotment of Departmental accommodation was submitted to the Cabinet Minister, MOUD as well as the Additional Secretary and Director MOUD, and on various departmental issues to the Minister for state, PMO. A delegation also met Shri Prithvi Raj Chauhan, Minister for State, PMO office at his home town, Karad, in Satatra District and submitted a detailed memorandum.

National Council meeting of Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers was held at New Delhi from 4 – 6 December 2009. Following office Bearers of NFAEE attended the Council meeting:

G. Maniachari (President), Jayaraj.K.V (Secretary General), M. Sangiah (Working President), G. Raghuramaih (Vice President), P. Sreenivasa Rao (Vice President), Sanjay Bhowmik (Vice President), S.R. Singh (Secretary), P.M. Worlikar (Secretariat Member). In the general discussion, Com. G. Maniachari and P.M Worklikar participated. In the newly elected Secretariat of Confederation of CG Employees & Workers com. Jaraj.kV elected as Assistant Secretary and Com. Maniachari elected as Organising Secretary.

During the period attended the general body meeting of ISRO SA at Trivandrum on 16th January 2010 and the office inauguration of the ISO Staff Association, which was held on 14th January 2010. A formal meeting of the office bearers of SEFI and various associations DOS was held on 14th January 2010 and exchanged the recent developments after Joint convention held at Chennaii on 10th August 2009

Also the Secretariat meeting of Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers at New Delhi was held on 18th January 2010. The meeting decided to hold massive demonstration on 25th February 2010 against the Price Rise, Introduction of PFRDA Bill and against the new proposed Direct Tax Code in front of all Central Government Offices.

NFAEE took up the issue of holiday In lieu of Bakrid at Mumbai and other places were leave was not declared and we succeeded to declare holiday.

When the Patient Care Allowance was stopped by the DAE the issue was taken up with the Department as well as with Ministries concerned and now PCA extended upto March 2010.

Agenda: Briefing by Secretary Staff Side about the Departmental Council meeting held on 29th January 2010

In the briefing the Secretary Staff side mentioned that the Chairman of the DC was more particular about the lettering by the staff side on various issues and asked to take more cautious approach on using words while drafting letters. Though the Chairman was not ready to consider the amendments in the draft minutes circulated but after deliberations he consider certain amendments in the minute submitted by the staff side.

In the action taken report the Chairman started to direct the staff side submit fresh proposals, documents etc on various agenda which was discussing years together. On various issues such as promotion norms for Drivers, Fire Staff, Canteen Staff, mode of implementation of Cadre Review, Data Entry Operators Township supervisors and other isolated categories etc, the Chairman asked to submit detailed proposals.

Out come of the agenda items:

Out of the four fresh agenda items, three has been agreed:

1. Agreed to give option for female employees to select salwar, kames and duppatta or saree, blouse and petticoats to female employees

2. Payment of Child Education Allowance for the yea r 2008 as per the guidelines issued by the nodal ministry on 11.11.2008 (in pro-rata basis)

3. Agreed to refer the issue for clarification/confirmation to include transport expenditure for children to go to the schools and purchasing of Schools bags.

However the agenda item pertaining to the Promotion Norms for Nurses was not agreed as the Department intimated that the effected nurses don’t have such grievances.

Com. S.K Panchal Member National Council (JCM) and Com. Anuradha (Leader Staff side) talked about the approach of the Chairman DAE Departmental Council meeting and expressed conformity with the views expressed by the Secretary Staff Side. Leader staff side also mentioned that the agenda item could not place for discussion shall be taken for discussion in the next DC meeting which shall be held in the 2nd or 3rd week of May 2010.

Thereafter discussion on report of the Secretary General on organizational and Departmental issues as well as on the out come of the DC meeting was held in detail. Following members were participated in the discussion:

01. Karmegha Pandi HWPEU HWP Tuticorin

02. S. Gopu AEEA RMP Mysore

03. DR Amang BPKS HWP Kota

04. J.H.Raul BARCEAT BARC Tarapur

05. Vasu AMDEU AMD Hyderabad

06. Vijayakumar GSOEA GSO Kalpakkam

07. Sunil Pawar DCS&EMSA DCS&EM Mumbai

08. G.K.Pandey BARCFEA BARCF Kalpakkam

09. Nageswara Rao NFCSSA NFC Hyderabad

10. Nandi VECCSA VECC Kolkotta

11. Venkateswaran AEEA IGCAR Kalpakkam

12. D.K.Kharol RAKU HWP Kota

13. T. Mohanan AEEA IGCAR Kalpakkam

14. VP. Sasikumar AEWSU BARC Mumba

15. Anji Reddy NFCEA NFC Hyderabad

16. Vital Rao HWP(M)EA HWP Maunuguru

17. R.S.Toklae HWBEA HWB Maumbai

18. A. Sreedharan AEWSU BARC Mumbai

In the discussion the participants expressed their concern about the attitude of the DAE authorities on various, delay in extending facilities to NFAEE and the delay in introducing a mechanism for bilateral discussion with NFAEE, delay in convening the anomaly committee meeting, weakness in the staff side activities in coordinating the Departmental Council related matters such as compiling the agenda from various affiliated unions/ associations, changes in the criteria for departmental accommodation, changes made in the promotion norms, promotional avenues for group D employees such as Helpers, security Staff, Canteen staff, parity in pay scales of Technicians/scientific assistants with nurses, revision of OTA, revision of NRPSA, increment for those Tradesman E got promotion to Tradesman F, promotion from Helper D to Tradesman A, etc.

While participating in the discussion Shri Vasu, General Secretary AMD Employees Union intimated that due some internal problem forced to disaffiliate from NFAEE, but now a decision has been taken to affiliate with NFAEE and to join in the main stream trade union movement of DAE employees which was accepted by applauses by the participants of the meeting.

After detailed discussion the meeting took following decisions:

1. Endorsement of decisions of NFAEE Secretariat as well as Confederation of CG Employees & Workers:

The meeting endorsed the decisions taken in the Secretariat meeting held on 09.11.2009 and the decision taken in the Secretariat meeting of Confederation of Central Government Employees to observe demonstration on 25th February 2010 against the Price Rise, PFRDA Bill and Direct Tax code.

2. Mass demonstration:

The meeting decided to hold massive demonstration by wearing Demand badges as well as holding lunch hour meeting in all DAE units on 25th February 2009 as per the call given by the Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers. The meeting also decided to add the following issues in the Charter of Demand:

a. Initiate bilateral discussion with NFAEE on issues raised by the Federation

b. Convene the meeting of DAE anomaly committee immediately at resolve the anomalies/discrepancies within the time frame prescribed by the Ministry of Personnel

c. Gave away the Grade Pay criterion for Departmental accommodation and continue the basic pay as criteria for allotment of Departmental accommodation

d. Review the promotion norms introduced after the implementation of 6th CPC recommendations for Technical Staff

3. Suggestion on various issues:

The meeting further decided to call views from all affiliated unions and association on following issues immediately.

a. Recruitment & Promotion norms for Drivers

b. Recruitment & Promotion norms for Canteen staff

c. Recruitment & Promotion nor Security Staff

d. Recruitment & promotion norms for Fire Service Staff

e. Recruitment & promotion norms for isolated categories such as dispatch riders, care takers, township supervisors, etc

f. On ACP/MACP for various categories employees

g. Methodology of implementation of 2nd Cadre Review. In the DC Chairman DC proposed that for UDC post DAE shall agree for 40 – 60 against the proposal submitted by the Staff side/NFAEE. i.e., 40% for seniority and 60% for examination where we demanded 60% for seniority and 40% for examination.

All affiliates are requested to submit their consolidated views before 12th February 2010 by email/Fax or speed post to the undersigned

4. Organisational Matters:

a. Conference:

The conference of NFAEE is due in the year 2010. All affiliates due for their election in the year 2010 should conduct their election before 31st March 2010 and the new committees should take over the charge before 30th June 2010. Thus the Conference of the Federation shall be hold before 30th September 2010 a Kalpakkam. JAC of the Kalpaakam should confirm their willingness immediately after discussing in the JAC in which all affiliated organizations of Kalpakkam based units are members. The date and agenda for the conference shall be finalized in the next working committee

b. Amendments in the constitution:

The Secretary General briefed the views of the Secretariat regarding the need of amendments in the certain clauses of the existing constitution of NFAEE

i. Functioning of Secretariat: The functioning of secretariat is week, as the participation of all secretariat members could not ensure in the secretariat meeting as in between changes happening in the unit level election. To over come this difficulty proposing a secretariat of lesser number, maximum of 7 members elected from the Conference along with Leader & Secretary of DAE Departmental Council and the National Council Member (JCM). The conveyance & other incidental expenditure of these Secretariat members barring Secretary Staff side and Leader staff side shall be bared by NFAEE HQ. Expenditure of Secretary Staff Side & Leader staff side should bear by the association/union, which they belong to.

ii. Subscription: Proposed to increase the rate of subscription from affiliated unions/associations as Re1 per member per month (Rs12 per member per year) in place of Rs5 per year per member

c. Payment of Subscription/Donation dues:

All affiliates should pay the subscription upto the year 2009 before March 2010. Also the association/union due to pay the donation collection also should remit the amount/ receipt books etc if any to the Treasurer before 31st March 2010. The Working Committee meeting has also been decided to request the AMD Employees Union to fulfill the formalities to affiliate with NFAEE.

5. Seminar/symposium:

The meeting decided to conduct two or three seminar/symposium on various issues such as:

1. Safety & Industrial regulations

2. Negotiation skills and JCM functions

3. Recruitment/promotion norms of various categories of employees

4. Impact of the liberalized policies of the Government in DAE

The Seminar on Negotiation skills and JCM functions & on the revised norms of recruitment/promotion of various categories of employees shall be held at Mumbai during the next Departmental Council meeting.

The unions and associations are requested to consider in their executive committee to host the seminar on other two issues and intimate at the head quarters, so that those programme also can be conduct before the next conference of the Federation.


NFAEE also decided to release NFAEE hand book on various rules & regulations pertaining to government employees, pay structure, new promotion norms, various allowances, advances, etc. The book may contain about 50 - 60 pages in the form of a handbook. All affiliates are requested to submitted their requirements by 19th February 2010


Next issue of the FED FUSION, the monthly organ of NFAEE shall be issued in the first week of March 2010. Affiliates are requested to send their requirement (number of copies) before 25th February 2010. Also requested to send the matters if any to be printed in the next issue of FED FUSION, by EMAIL before 21st February 2010 to the undersigned. Next issue of the FED FUSION shall be in 16 – 20 pages and the cost shall be Rs5/- per copy.


The meeting also discussed the functioning of the staff side of DAE Departmental Council and decided to improve the functioning. Following steps proposed to adopt for smooth function of the Departmental Council.

a. Prepare agenda for the ensuing Departmental Council meeting well in advance and hand over the same by the DC members/Association to the Secretary Staff side while coming to attend the meeting of the Departmental Council called for. A copy of the agenda should be marked to NFAEE also for compilation and co ordination.

b. Fresh agenda any should be submitted within 30 days from the day of the last DC meeting. Copy of the agenda should be marked to NFAEE also for compilation and co ordination.

c. All agenda items should prepare with proper supportive documents.

d. Agenda should be submitted in hard copy by post or hand delivery as well as soft copy by email. Secretary Staff side as well as the Secretary General NFAEE should acknowledge the receipt of agenda from the affiliates/DC members concerned by post/email as the case may be.

e. Within 40 days from the date of the last DC meetings meeting of the Office bearers available at Head Quarters, Office Bearers and DC members of unions and associations stationed at Mumbai should be convened by the Secretary Staff side and scrutinized the agenda items received form affiliates for duplication, verification of the fact etc and if necessary re-circulate through email for additional clarification/ more information etc with a request to submit within 5 days..

f. There after the finalized agenda items should be submitted to the Department well in advance so that the department can come with proper preparation in the DC meeting.

g. The DC members at the Head Quarters should meet regularly to follow up the action taken on DC agenda items as well as to confirm the date of the DC meetings, minutes, copies of action taken, correction in the DC meeting minutes, etc.

h. As the next DC meeting is scheduled to be held in the middle of the month of May 2010, it is decided that al affiliated unions and associations and their DC members should send the agenda items if any to be submitted for consideration in the ensuing DC before 1st March 2010 through EMAIL as well as by POST along with the relevant/supportive documents to the Secretary Staff Side and to the Secretary General NFAEE. The same shall be scruitinised before 10th March 2010 and shall be circulated to all affiliates and after getting confirmation/correction the agenda items shall be submitted to the Department for inclusion by 20th March 2010.


The meeting also discussed about the Performance Related Incentive Scheme (PRIS). The members sought clarification about the various versions spread out across the units regarding the continuation of PRIS. Secretary General mentioned that based on the information received from DAE that so far no decision has been taken by the Department to withdraw or to put on hold the Scheme. Certain queries have been raised by the Ministries/Department of Expenditure regarding the mode of implementation of the Scheme and our Department along with DOS is in interaction with the concerned.

However, after a detailed deliberation, it is decided that in any case, if the Department/Government decided to withdraw PRIS, spontaneous response should be there from the employees and to give a call the Working Committee authorized the Secretariat and the Working Committee members at the Head Quarters to assess the situation and to interact with SEFI and their leaders and give a call for action

The Working Committee adopted resolution on following:

1. To urge the Department to stop the transfer at HWP Tuticorine and start the operational activities of the Plant immediately

2. To communicate the concern about the remarks of Chairman DAE DC

The meeting concluded at 5.15 pm


Secretary General


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