NFAEE is the one and only all India Federation of Atomic Energy Worker, recognised by Government of india/Department of Atomic Energy (DAE).

It represents the Industrial, Research & Development and Service organisations under Department of Atomic Energy.

26 Unions and associations of DAE Employees recognised under CCS (RSA) Rule are affiliated with NFAEE

Saturday, August 14, 2010




The All India Convention of DAE Employees held at the Multi Purpose Hall, BARC Training School Hostel, Anushakthi Nagar, Mumbai on 31st July 2010 took serious note on the anti labor approach of the Department by adopting Systematic down sizing of the work force, outsourcing of the departmental activities, curtailment of the facilities including social security benefits extended to the employees, denial and delaying of the promotional avenues, cadre restructuring etc of all section of employees technical, administration, auxiliary, purchase & stores and violation of safety norms etc are some of the examples of the adversely affecting the employees of our department.

Though the Department completed glorious SIXTY years of our existence and the activities of Department divided the working as Research & Development, Industrial, Services & Support, Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) and Aided Institutions, the problems facing by the work force in the Department generally are common.

Considering of the strategically importance of the Department Government has been exempted from the application of various general guidelines issued to other conventional departments, such as in matters of financial power, recruitment and promotion policies, exemption from CPWD for construction etc. But to ensure betterment utilizing such exemption, it is seen that DAE is competing with other Departments for implementing recommendations of various guidelines of the government to curtail the facilities available to its employees.

This convention noted with concern in DAE that the tendencies to deviate from all democratic norms are increasing. These occur in the day to day functions of the department in various areas such as the interviews for promotions, ensuring working atmosphere for employees, approach in various redressal forums including JCM fora, victimization of association activists, extending facilities to the recognized unions and associations etc. It is pertinent to note that Department took more than 5 years to accord recognition to NFAEE under CCS (RSA) Rules 1993, though it fulfilled the required norms stipulated in the said Rule framed by DoPT. Even after recognized by the Department they were least bothered to consider NFAEE is recognized. The Department is initiating dialogue with the Federation only after serving the notice for strike or any other industrial action. The last meeting held with NFAEE was on 18th February 2009, exactly 18 months before, that too after – effect of a strike notice. Our repeated plea to meet the highest authorities for discussion has been gone to the ears of deaf & dump.

The convention places its indignation that Department had constituted committees after committees for upgradation, then for cadre review of the administrative, auxiliary and Purchase & Store staff. At last the Cadre Review Committee report has been implemented with effect from 01.01.2006, But the benefit of the Cadre review for administrative as well as auxiliary staff has been nullified as the merger of the scale and upgradtion of the feeder grade denies the promotional fixation

This convention also noted that while recommending Pay scales for various categories, Pay Commission stipulated various conditions to select the proper pay structure based on the responsibility, experience, the area of the work, etc. But such stipulations are never followed for selecting the pay scales and instead just adopt the corresponding pay scale recommended in lieu of the existing pay scales. This results in great injustice to the serving employees.

Though the Technical Staff of this Department is covered under the merit promotion scheme, it never appears to be really on merit. The frequent alterations by the Trombay Council in the Scheme question the merit of the Scheme. Such alterations to curtail the promotional avenues results desperation among the senior employees as the Departments approach always cut the opportunities of the seniors.

After the implementation of SCPC recommendation Department has been revised the norms for promotion of Technical Staff, Supervisory and Auxiliary staff and the Department has been taken away the facilities extended to the employees. Residency period has been in enhanced, number of promotional avenues reduced, fixation benefit has been curtailed, track change facility is withdrawn, etc are some of the adverse impact of modified career progression of DAE employees. Merger of the feeder and promotion posts has taken away the promotional benefits and its meaning.

This convention of DAE Employees further noted with serious concern that the Department never consider seriously to enhance the allowances extended to the employees periodically. The Overtime Allowance was continuing in the R&D establishments and other service organisations @ rate of the pay based on the 4th Central Pay Commission. Though the father of the nuclear programme, Dr. Homi Bhabha using his position could convince the Government the special status of the Department and approve the proposal for Over Time Allowance on par with the industrial units. But in the last 20 years who ever be hold the position of Dr Bhabha failed to protect the interest of the employees

The employees of all DAE units irrespective of the Sector they belong are at risk of being exposed to various hazards such as radiation exposure, chemical hazards, high temperature, and so on. To compensate such risks to the employees, no special package has been considered by the Department, either in the name of attractive pay packet, allowances or extending other facilities such as protein diet, subsidized canteen facilities, etc

Reduction in man power, introduction of contractorisation and privatization at various levels, compromise in safety norms, etc becomes routine. Various guidelines from International agencies, AERB norms, BARC Safety Councils’ guidelines, other statutory directives, etc are being violated by entrusting the radioactive related activities to casual labourers or workers on contract. The reduction in the staff results the non completion of the projects, compromise in quality, threat to national security, etc.

Department has adopted the policies of the Central Government and intensifies the downsizing, privatization and out sourcing of the Departmental activities. Though Government lifted the ban on recruitment Department continues abolition of posts and out sourcing the activities. Even the core activities such as medical system, operational activities, etc too out sourced by engaging para medical staff, plant operators, scientific assistants, engineers, etc on contract. Department already initiated action to out source various activities such as transportation, canteen, security service etc by handing over the same to private contractors. Even though repeated warning of the Home Ministry and other intelligence agency came on every occasion of threat from the militants and cautioned the need of beefing up of security measure it does not prevent the departments’ approach on handing over the security, transport, canteen facilities etc in the private hand.

A threat now has been arise to closure of certain units such as Heavy Water Plants of Tuticorine.

Though in the prevailing condition, the Atomic Energy Act does not permit the entry of Private Nuclear Industry, the Government introduced Nuclear Liability Bill in which various clauses are serious to concern for work force as well as to the general public. Various political parties, organizations, intellectuals, former scientists and technocrats have expressed their views through media, seminars and various other agencies and emphasized the necessity of the debate on the issue government is trying all the best to get the node of Liability Bill. it is unfortunate to note that the senior working scientists, technocrats, representatives of the recognized unions and associations have not been taken into confidence on the issue and no attempt has been made by the Department to assess the gravity of the issue by initiating debate among the policy makers as well as the applicants among the department, senior scientists and technocrats, representatives of the recognized organizations etc.

This all India Convention of Atomic Energy Employees therefore demands the Central Government and the Department of Atomic Energy:

To initiate bilateral discussion with NFAEE to settle the long pending issues.

To stop out sourcing, privatization, downsizing, contractorization, casualisation of the activities of various sectors of DAE.

Review the Modified Merit Promotion Scheme to ensure the earlier promotional avenues.

To consider all stipulations/ conditions recommended by the Pay Commission while selecting Pay scales for all section of employees.

Retain the facilities of Track Changing, and other attractive promotion benefits existed earlier in DAE

To continue the special status in all respects to DAE which had been considered as a scientific department and given a special status in comparison with other conventional departments

To revise the Over time Allowance in all R& D establishments and other units based on the revised pay.

To withdraw the 5% cap and other restrictions on compassionate ground appointments.

To introduce Special pay structure, Radiation/Hazardous/Risk allowance to the employees who are exposed to radiation, hazardous chemicals, excessive heat etc and provide protein diet, subsidized diet, etc to the employees.

To ensure the application of scientific temperament in the day to day activities and ensure democratic approach on all issues.

To initiate open debate among the scientists, technocrats and other section of employees in respect to the nuclear policy of the Government/ Department & and Nuclear Liability Bill

To start diversified activities and restart the stalled production of Heavy water Plant Tuticorine and take appropriate action in time to avoid such situation in other DAE units

This Convention urges upon all organizations of DAE employees to unite and mobilize the employees for a sustained campaign programme which may culminate in agitational programme in order to realize the demands.

Accordingly this convention of DAE employees unanimously resolved to adopt the Charter of Demands prepared based on the wider consultations done by holding category wise meetings on 29th July 2010 and the inputs received from the employees.

The convention also resolved to stage the following action programme:

Seek an audience with Chairman Atomic Energy Commission to submit the CHARTER OF DEMAND prepared in the above manner by leading a NFAEE delegation on 9th August 2010 and to demand initiate immediate bilateral discussion with NFAEE.

Submit the CHARTER to all Head of Units by the affiliated unions and association on same day with a request to foreword the charter to the Chairman AEC

Serve STRIKE NOTICE on 17th August 2010 including our charter apart from the 10 point charter of Demand decided by the Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers and State Government Employees Federation and All India Defence Employees Federation

Evening DHARNA to be staged on 26th August 2010 on the eve of Departmental Council meeting which is scheduled to be held on 27th August 2010

Attend the DC meeting by wearing BLACK BADGE to protest against the non implementation of the commitment given by the Chairman AEC to introduce methodology for bilateral discussion with NFAEE to settle the demands

Approach various statutory forums Viz National SC/ST Commission, National Minority Commission, Ministry of Social Justice, Petition Committee of Loksabha, Standing Committee on S&T, etc to CONVEY the approach of the Department in the service matters such as pay structure, promotion, other facilities etc prejudicial to the interests of socially oppressed section.

Hold a huge DEMONSTRATION at New Delhi during the winter session of Parliament.

The convention calls upon all affiliated unions and associations, unions and association on NPCIL employees and Aided units to make all these programmes a success and display the unity.

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