NFAEE is the one and only all India Federation of Atomic Energy Worker, recognised by Government of india/Department of Atomic Energy (DAE).

It represents the Industrial, Research & Development and Service organisations under Department of Atomic Energy.

26 Unions and associations of DAE Employees recognised under CCS (RSA) Rule are affiliated with NFAEE

Sunday, February 21, 2016

National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees
Recognised by DAE vide DAE OM No. 8/1/2007 – IR&W/95 dated 13th June 2007
NFAEE Office, Opp. NIYAMAK BHAVAN, Anusaktinagar, Mumbai 400 094
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Ref. No: nfaee/sg/16/49                                                              20.02.2016


The Affiliates


Dear Comrades,

          As decided and announce All India Convention of Women Employees of DAE on issues of women employees and All India Convention of DAE Employees on Pay commission related issue were held at the Multi-Purpose Hall BARC Training School Hostel, Anushaktinagar, Mumbai 400094 on 15th & 16th February 2016.  Brief report and the decisions taken in both convention is given below:


The All India Convention of Women employees was held on 15th February 2016 at the Multipurpose Hall BARC Training School Hostel, Anushaktinagar, Mumbai, The convention was attended by 133 delegates from following affiliates unions and associations of  DAE units:

AEWSU                  BARC                     MUMBAI                          39
AIAEDPS (S) SA     DPS (STORES)       MUMBAI & TARAPUR        11
DPS (DAE) EA       DPS (PURCHASE)  MUMBAI                                 56
HWBEA                  HWB                      MUMBAI                          16
BARCFEA               BARCF                   KALPAKKAM                    04
AMDEU                  AMD                      BANGALORE                    02

The convention was inaugurated by Smt. Swati Pandey, Director Admn., DAE. In her speech she has mentioned, DAE is one of the Department advanced to taken care of women employees and their issues. She also opined that without sacrifice nothing can be achieved.

Smt. Paarvathi Hariharan, CAO, AERB, extended greetings to the participants of the Women convention. In her speech she give a call to come forward the women employees with initiation for betterment of the society as well as for personnel. If took steps forward, support will get, she explained with examples. Com. Jayaraj KV Secretary General NFAEE brief about the back ground of calling the Women employees convention and the need to organize the women employees of DAE.  Com. A. Sreedharan Working President welcomed the gathering. Smt. Vanita Patil  (DPS Stores) offered a flower bouquet to Smt. Swathi Pandey and Smt. Madhuri Sharma (BARC) to Smt. Parvathi. Com. V.K. Patil Working President NFAEE presided and Com. K.G. Bilaskar Treasurer NFAEE expressed vote of thanks in the inaugural session.

After the tea break lecture on women empowerment was given by Smt. Chayanika Shah, Faculty Member from TISS Mumbai. P.M. Worlikar Organising Secretary welcomed the gathering and Vijay Kumar Yadav, working President presided over the session. Com. Jayaraj KV introduced Smt. Chayanika Shah to the participants.  Smt. Shah elaborately explained the need of women to come forward to build the society and opined that the role of women is equal or more to strengthen the democratic principles. Women empowerment is the right of equality in all field and each and every women has to come forward and realize the same. Smt Chayanika also emphasized the need to be organized to protect the rights of women in particular and the workforce in general.Com. K.V Muruga Raj Organising secretary NFAEE expressed vote of thanks.  Thereafter lunch break

Afternoon session started with discussion on departmental issues and the issues of women employees. The session was presided by Com. A. Sreedharan Working President NFAEE.  Com. Jayaraj KV briefly presented the Departmental issues, Pay Commission related matters and the women employees problems. He emphasized the need to join the women employees to participate in the Union/Association activities as the authoritarian approach of the management is increasing day by day. Secretary General in brief explained the retrograded recommendations of the 7th CPC and the preparation of the entire Central Government Employees of the country for industrial action in case the government has not come forward for negotiation and settlement. In such situation the DAE employees cannot sit idle and the entire DAE employees including women employees should join with the main stream. He concluded his speech with a request to the participating women employees to express their views on women employees’ issues in particular and the issues of Central government & DAE employees in general.

In the discussion about 11 women employees representing various units were participated. They were representing the administrative staff, Accounts staff, Auxiliary Staff, Technicians, Nursing Staff, Purchase Cadre, Store Cadres, etc.  Following women employees were participated:

  • Maya Mane                     BARC
  • Sushama Joshi                BARC
  • Sarita Khanvilkar             BARC
  • Vijaya Londhe                 DPS (Purchase)
  • Prajaktha                        BARC
  • Trupti Kamble                  BARC
  • Nirmala Padangale          BARC
  • Surya Beguam                BARCF Kalpakkam
  • Irene                              DPS (Purchase)
  • Sarita Divakaran             DPS (Purchase)

In the discussion following issues pertaining to the women employees shared by the participants:

  • Lack of Support from the society to women employees on their problems
  • Partiality in achievement awards
  • Transfer Policy
  • Problems of single parent women employees
  • Procedures of conducting Departmental Qualifying exams, delay in declaration in results,  transparency in declaring results, rounding up of decimal marks, giving answer paper on demand, etc
  • Child Care Leave/Maternity Leave related issues
  • Rest Room facility for women employees
  • Safety apparels for women employees such as safety shoes, etc
  • Harassment/Restriction for participation in the union /association activities
  • Partiality in promotion
  • Special pay for Hospital Staff in OT, ICU, etc
  • Promotion norms confidentiality
  • Special leave foe critical careness – cancer like deceases
  • Need of increase in salary based on the activities which involved handling of radioactive materials and hazardous chemicals.
  • Cadre Review
  • One more option to switch over from CPF to GPF

After the tea break the concluding session started. While summing up the discussion, Secretary General intimated that the Federation will take up the issues raised by the participants in the discussion. The Secretary General proposed the suggestion of the Secretariat that a women subcommittee shall be formed  so that the issues pertaining to women employees can exclusively discuss and also can effectively interact among the women employees and bring all women employees in the unions and associations. The same was agreed by all participating women delegates and the association office bearers.

Based on the suggestions received from participating delegates a subcommittee proposed. Following members are in the Women sub Committee under NFAEE:
  • Madhuri Sharma             BARC
  • Beena Nair                      BARC
  • Trupti Kamble                  BARC
  • Nirmala Padangale          BARC
  • Jyoti Samel                     BARC
  • Sarita Kanvilkar               BARC
  • Maya Mane                     BARC
  • Sarita divakaran              DPS (Purchase)
  • Vijaya Londhe                 DPS (Purchase)
  • Irener Naronha               DPS (Purchase)
  • Meena Shirsat                 DPS (Purchase)
  • Anita Lalla                       DPS (Stores)
  • Vanita Patil                     DPS (Stores)
  • Jyoti Dhirvani                  DPS (Stores)
  • Ujwale Patel                    DPS (Stores)
  • Megha Raul                     DPS (Stores)
  • Suraya Bhegum              BARCF Kalpakkam
  • Kavitha                           BARCF Kalpakkam
  • Anita Smit                       BARCF Kalpakkam
  • R. Jayashri                      AMD Bangalore
  • Jyoti Ravindra                 AMD Bangalore

Delegates of HWB Employees Association intimated, they will nominate their representatives later, after discussing with the office bearers of the association.  The list has been approved unanimously and decided that those association wants to be add name in the subcommittee can nominate their name. A meeting may be convened within two week time at Mumbai and the Chairperson, Convener and other posts shall be decided.

The convention decided to send the following resolutions:

  • On cadre Review
  • On CPF to GPF
  • On Child care Leave

The meeting concluded with vote of thanks by Com. V.K. Patil Working President NFAEE.  


          All India Convention of DAE employees was held on 16.02.2016 at the Multipurpose Hall, BARC Training School Hostel, Anushaktinagar, Mumbai 400094. Com. Jayaraj KV, Secretary General NFAEE welcomed all the participants in the Convention. In his welcome address mentioned the purpose for calling this convention. In the letter given by NJCA on 10th December 2015 to the Government intimated that in case the Government does not coming forward for discussion and agreement on views and suggestions submitted by the Staff side on the retrograded recommendations of 7th CPC,  the entire Central government employees will go for indefinite strike in the month of March 2016. Considering the call the working committee meeting and then the Secretariat proposed series of campaign programmes. As a part of those programme this convention was convened, he concluded.

A presidium consists A. Sathashivam (President), V.K. Patil, VijayaKumar Yadav and A Sreedharan (Working Presidents) conducted the business of the Convection.  On behalf of the presidium, A. Sathashivam given the presidential address in which he stressed the need of united movement and joining with the Central Government Employees movement for common cause as well as the attack on trade union movement and its leaders.

Thereafter the Secretary General briefly explained the developments after the submission of the recommendations of 7th CPC to the Government.
  • Constitution of the Implementation Cell by department of Expenditure. Directed all Ministries/Department to submit its comments in consultations with Federations within 15 days.  
  • Black badge demonstration by DAE employees demanding appointing Nodal Officer and initiating discussion with NFAEE on views and suggestions on recommendations of 7th CPC
  • Working Committee meeting at Mumbai on 5th December 2015
  • Submission on views and suggestions by NFAEE to DAE on 10th December 2015
  • Copy of the views and suggestions submitted to the Cabinet Secretary on 15th December 2015. Copy also sent to Convener NJCA and Secretary General CCGEW
  • Meeting with Additional Secretary and other officials on the views & suggestions submitted by NFAEE to the Secretary DAE on 18th December 2015
  • DAE submitted its not top the Implementation Cell on 23rd December 2015
  • As per the call from NJCA all affiliates has been submitted the copy of memorandum to the Head of the units with a request to forward to the Cabinet Secretary on 30th December 2015
  • Arranged explanatory meetings by affiliates to educate the employees by gate meetings, Power Point Presentations, etc.
  • On 2nd February the Implementation Cell convened meeting of Nodal Officers at New Delhi and directed all departments to submit views and suggestions on department Specific Issues within 2 weeks’ time.
  • Conducted strike ballot by all affiliates except 4. CATGANGA Indore, HWEU and HWSASSA Tuticorine, DAE Secretariat Staff Assn were not conducted the Strike ballot. About75% of the members of NFAEE participated in the strike ballot and out of which 90% voted for Industrial Action along with other Central Government Employees if the Government not considered the demands submitted by the staff side.
  • As a part of campaign about 20000 pamphlets in English, Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, etc. printed and circulated among employees, about 3500 booklet contains the suggestions and views submitted by NFAEE printed and circulated, About 1000 posters printed and pasted in all DAE establishments.
  • NJCA meeting was held on 8th February 2016 and declared the indefinite Strike from 11th April 2016. Strike Notice shall be served on 11th march 2016 and solidarity Day shall be observed in all units on 29th March 2016
  • Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers (CCGEW) Secretariat meeting was held on 12th February 2016 and endorsed the call given by NJCA. CCGEW decided to convene meetings of all State COCs along with the office bearers of affiliated organizations and the dates has been announced.
  • Conducted Women Employees Convention on 15th February 2016 in which 131 women employees participated.

In the discussion following office bearers were participated:

01.V.L.N Sharam                  NUFCOSSA            NFC             Hyderabad
02.Sampathkumar               NFCIWU                NFC             Hyderabad
03.M.C Satpathi                 HWEU                             HWP            Talcher
04.Baburaj                           AEWSU                  BARC           Mumbai
05.Ambarasan                     AEEA                     IGCAR         Kalpakkam
06.G. Ramesh                      HWP(M)SASSA      HWP            Manuguru
07.Raut                               BARCEAT               BARC           Tarapur
08.Divakaran                       NUFCOSSA            NFC             Hyderabad
09.Suresh                            ZEM                      Zirconeum   Palayakayal
10.R. Dhurve                       AIDPS (S) SA         DPS             Mumbai
11.Sourabh Wilton               DPS (DAE) EA       DPS             Mumbai
12.Kishore                           AMDEU                  AMD            Bangalore
13.Sowri Rajan                    CATSA                   RRCAT         Indore
14.Ramesh Kumar               BARCFEA               BARCF         Kalpakkam
15.KV Murugaraj                  GSOSA                  GSO            Kalpakkam
16.V. Ganeshan                    HWSASSA              HWP            Tuticorine
17.Mishra                            HWBEA                  HWB            Mumbai
18.Kaliappan                      HWEU                     HWP            Tuticorine
19.D.K. Kharol                     RAKU                     HWP            Kota
20.P.M. Worlikar                  AEWSU                  BARC           Mumbai
21.M. I Parmar                     BPKS                     HWP            Baroda
22.H.R Sheik                        AEWSU                  BARC           Mumbai
23.Pratap Reddy                  HWP(M)EA            HWP            Manuguru
24.G.P Singh                       AEWSU                  BARC           Mumbai
25.Sanjay Vishe                   AEWSU                  BARC           Mumbai
26.AshokRao                       HWP(M)SASSA      HWP            Manuguru
27.Ananda KN                     AEEA                     RMP             Mysore
28.A. Sreedharan                 AEWSU                  BARC           Mumbai
29.R. Manoharan                 AEEA                     IGCAR         Kalpakkam

In the discussion following issues were raised by the partcipants:
  • Uniform promotion increment
  • Norms for promotion for Fireman
  • Price chart in DA calculation to be modified
  • In the increment calculation should ensure 3%
  • CHSS subscription should be net of TAX
  • Eligibility condition for Departmental accommodation
  • Radiation/hazardous allowance based on the newly introduced RH Metrix
  • Revision of norms/ restructuring of cadres should initiate parallel
  • Last two promotions based on the performance without interview
  • HRA should be added for calculating Over time Allowance
  • Anomaly in increments at stages announce lesser pay offered in Rs 5400/- in PB3 than Rs5400/- in PB2
  • 5 days week in Round the Clock Shift/ Industrial units
  • HRA for Tarapur and Kalpakkam should be on par with Mumbai
  • Project Allowances to all project areas
  • Uniform Service condition for R & D sector and Industrial units
  • PRIS of Field level staff should be on par with the Head quarters
  • Increment to those employees empaneled after declaration of departmental qualifying examination
  • Minimum increment should be ensured in PRIS (I) as in the case of Scientific Officers
  • Cadre Review t be implemented before implementation of Pay Commission recommendations
  • Security Staff Pay scale should be upgraded
  • Promotion norms of Technical Staff should brought on par with DOS
  • Entry Pay of SA should be enhanced to Rs4600 at the level of SA”B”
  • Diploma with 10 years should be considered as Degree in Engineering
  • Enhancement of Casual Leave
  • Special compensatory Leave for Tribal Area Allowance
  • Transport Allowance should be uniform
  • LTC conversion to those employees having home town at headquarters.
  • Ceiling for compassionate ground appointment should be removed
  • 12 months completion shall be provided with increment at the time of retirement
  • DPS cadre should be treated as Distinct in all means
  • Group B employees should be included in JCM
  • For trying job outside, Department should considered
  • STPT, Additional Qualification and qualifying examination
Etc. etc….

On behalf of the Presidium, A Sathashivam, President NFAEE summed up the Discussion in which he mentioned that about 29 delegates participated in the discussion and about 40 issues were brought out by the participants. The Secretary General replied for discussion. He mentioned that the issues raised by the participants are Pay commission related as well as Department related. Hence we will go for campaign on both issues parallel. On Pay Commission related issues the programme announced by the NJCA and CCGEW will carry out. At the same time for persuasion of Departmental specific issues, a separate course of campaign prgramme shall be followed. To begin with the Departmental issues a letter shall write to the Chairman AEC by all affiliates on 25th February 2016 and conduct meeting on same day and explain the issues to the employees.

On Pay commission related issues the Secretary General to endorse unanimously the call given by NJCA and CCGEW as given below:

  • Serving strike notice to the Department on 11th March 2016
  • Solidarity day on 29th March 2016
  • State level meeting by Confederation in the second & third week of March 2016
  • Indefinite Strike from 11th April 2016 from 6.00am onwards.

About the Action programme following delegates participated in the discussion:

  • C U Jayakumar                AEEA                     IGCAR Kaslpakkam
  • Suresh                        ZEU                      Zirconium Complex Palaykayal
  • Sarita divakaran              DPS (DAE) EA       DPS (Purchase) Mumbai
  • R. Dhananjayan              BARCFEA               BARCF Kalpakkam
  • KV Murugaraj                  GSOEA                  GSO Kalpakkam
  • VLN Sharma                    NUFCOSSA            NFC Hyderabad
  • Prasad                            AEEA                     RMP Mysore
  • PV Divakar                      NUFCOSSA            NFC Hyderabad
  • A. Sreedharan                 AEWSU                  BARC Mumbai
  • Sathashivam                   NFAEE                    BARC Vizag
  • R. Manoharan                 AEEA                     IGCAR kalpakkam

While summing up the discussion on action programme Com. Jayaraj KV proposed to adopt two resolutions. To endorse the call given by the NJCA and CCGEW on  Pay Commission related issues and the other one on Departmental issues such as victimization, Cadre Review, Revision of Allowances such as OTA and NRPSA, Revision of Norms, etc.

Thereafter the convention felicitated the following comrades who all are retiring from the service after superannuation:

Com. R. Manoharan         Vice President                 AEEA           IGCAR
Com. C. Arumugham       Org. Secretary                 AEEA           IGCAR
Com. D. Kuppusamy        Supervisor Secretary       AEEA            IGCAR
Com. V. Jayaraman         Org. secretary                 BARCFEA     BARCF

Following affiliates of NFAEE and invitees from NFAIE attended the Convention:

Affiliates           Unit            Place           No. of delegates    Women
01  AEEA                 IGCAR         Kalpakkam            3                
02  GSOEA              GSO            Kalpakkam             5
03  BARCFEA            BARCF      Kalpakkam                7                    4
04  HWP (M)EA         HWP            Manuguru             4
05  HWM(M)SASSA     HWP            Manuguru             1
06  NFCIWU              NFC             Hyderabad            2       
07  NUFCOSSA           NFC             Hyderabad            2
08  BPKS                   HWP            Baroda                  2
09  HWEU                 HWP            Talcher                  1
10  VECCSA               VECC           Kolkatta                2
11  BARCEAT             BARC           Tarapur                 6
12  DPS (DAE) EA    DPS (P)       Mumbai                 5                       5
13  AIAEDPS (S)SA    DPS (Stores)  Mumbai                 5
14  AEWSU           BARC           Mumbai                 18                      2
15  AEEA                RMP             Mysore                  5
16  HWEU               HWP            Tuticorine              2                 
17   HWSASA           HWP            Tuticorine              1
18   ZEU                 Zirconium CoPalaykayal            3       
19  AMDEU            AMD            Hyderabad            2                       2
20  RAKU                 HWP            Kota                   1
21  CATSA                RRCAT         Indore                 4
22  HWBEA           HWB            Mumbai                 4                     1
23  DAESEA            DAE Sec      Mumbai                 1
24  SINPEU (Invitee) SINP            Kolkatta                2
25  TIFRSA               TIFR            Mumbai              4
26  Secretariat Members   NFAEE    Mumbai              10
27  Invitees                AEEA           IGCAR               3

Total                                                          105                   14

          All the affiliates who all are participated in the Convention are requested to go through the minutes of the meeting and send any addition, deletion required. All are further requested to call the Executive Committee Meetings immediately and deliberate the out come of the convention and carry out ll the programme planned for departmental issues as well as for Pay Commission issues.  

With fraternal greetings.

Comradely yours,

 (Jayaraj KV)
Secretary General

Note: Copy of the resolution, letter to be addressed to the Chairman on 25th February 2016, result of strike ballot, etc shall be send by tomorrow

Address for Correspondence: Jayaraj. KV, Secretary General, NFAEE
PESS/UED; BARC, Trombay, Mumbai 400 085
Tel. No: (O): 022 – 25596519; (Res): 022 – 25554179; (Mobile): 9869501189

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