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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Join in the movement to protest against the

06th February 2015
Dear Colleagues,

Those parents whose wards are studying in the AEES Schools across the country may aware that the School authority has increased the tuition fee to Rs. 800/-pm and PUVVN to Rs. 350/-pm. A steep increase of 60% in Tuition fee and 134% increase in PUVVN at a stretch.  The authorities further stipulated dates for paying the fees (without fine) as 13th April 2015.

You all are aware that the Tuition Fee in AEES was introduced to all classes subsequent to the implementation of Sixth CPC report. The tuition fee was fixed at the rate of Rs. 500/-pm and PUVVN was revised to Rs. 150/-pm for DAE wards which itself was exorbitant. There was a strong protest against the hike, however due to lack of support from parents the protest could not reached a threshold level and the authorities did not heed to the protest and continued the tuition fee at the higher rate for all these years.

By enhancing the fees now irrationally, the parents has to make payment about Rs14200/- to the School from the Children Education Allowance and merely Rs3800/- will be available for reimbursement on purchase of Test books, Note books, Two sets of Uniforms, Winter Dresses, Shoes, Shocks, etc in addition to the tax on the reimbursement.

AEES further decided to withdraw the Fee exemption to certain categories of students like single girl child/ girls’ students/ students belonging to SC/ST categories of serving employees under the plea that Reimbursement of Children Education Allowance (CEA) is available from their Units. It is in contravention with the Policies and Rules of Government of India and State Governments. Even if the Reimbursement of CEA is availed by the above said employees the employees shall be additionally burdened by the Income Tax on the Reimbursable amount @ of 30%/ 20%/ 10% as applicable to the individuals.

            It is pertinent to note here that the tuition fee for students of Central School in Department of Space (DOS) which also coming under the same ministry varies as well as Kendriya Vidyala Sangathan (K VS), there is no Tuition fee up to the classes 8th standard and Tuition fee charged @ Rs. 200 for the 9th & 10th standard and Rs. 400 for 11th & 12th standard students. Similarly Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi (VVN) for the students of the classes from 1st to 10th standard are Rs 160 and for 11th & 12th standard is Rs 200 only in DOS.

            According to the PUVVN guidelines the expenditure from PUVVN shall be incurred ONLY under the “Authorized Expenditure of Heads under PUVVN” such as expenditure on participations of students in functions/competitive events, distribution of prizes/cash awards to students, for organizing the School Annual Day and various Zonal or All India AECS Events,  etc. But a huge amount of PUVVN is diverted/ being utilized beyond the scope of ‘Authorized Expenditure of Heads under PUVVN’ in violation of the guidelines governing the PUVVN especially after September 2014 as the Department asked to find out resources for running the school activities which is violation of the Bye laws of the AEES. The Bye Laws of the AEES is very clear that the entire funding shall be provided by Department of Atomic Energy.

The National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees (NFAEE) had convened a Seminar along with its affiliated unions and associations as well as NPCIL Federation, Officers Associations, Aided Institutions, Residents Associations (ARWA, MARWA, WSRWA) Sthaniya Lokadhikar Samithi, etc on 26th February 2015 at the ‘NUB’ Seminar Hall of NPCIL. The issue was discussed in detail and chalked out various action programmmes and formed a Joint Action Committee.  
 This matter was taken up with the AEES authorities and had a meeting with the Chairman AEES and other officials on 2nd March 2015. In the meeting the authorities informed that the instruction was given by DAE to raise the tuition fee as well as PUVVN and assured that the matter will discuss in the Governing Council of the Society. The Governing Council discussed the matter in its meeting held on 4th March 2015 and decided to refer the matter to DAE for advice with a specific request to seek additional funds under Non plan account to meet the expenditure on payment of salaries to ad-hoc/contract teachers and also for house –keeping contract etc.

It is also learned that DAE authorities directed the AEES to enhance the fees under the plea that KVS is having higher rate of VVN at the same time they have suppressed/ignored the fact that KVS doesn’t charge any Tuition fee up to 8th standard and accordingly not directed the AEES to make the Tuition fee at par with KVS.   

The NFAEE wrote letter to the Chairman Atomic Energy Commission to intervene and to withhold the decision of hike in Tuition Fee and PUVVN and sought an appointment to discuss the matter. Further the staff side decided to take up the matter in the 69th DAE Departmental Council meeting under JCM scheduled to be held on 9th April 2015 and submitted an agenda and asked the DAE authorities to:

·         To withdraw the hike in Tuition fee as well as in PUVVN immediately and continue the pre revised fee structure.
·         To give instruction to the AEES authorities to hold the collection of fee as per the revised rate till a final decision is taken in the matter.
·         To spend the amount in PUVVN strictly as per the guidelines given in Annexure II of the “Authorized Expenditure of Heads under PUVVN”
·         To examine/audit the utilization of PUVVN has been done in the previous years.

Dear Colleagues,

 The ‘DAE’ is repeatedly trying to walkout of the responsibilities which it is supposed to fulfill, CHSS was one example now they are attempting to dilute the Education facilities. If the other Central Ministries can run their Schools without exorbitant rate of Fees (for example Kendirya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) which is under the Ministry of Human Resource Development and Schools of DOS) then why not DAE? Hence the intention behind the exorbitant hike in Fees rate is under Question mark??? Our collective efforts/protests can only bring the results and arrest the onslaught on the facilities which we are legitimately entitled. Hence we appeal to all the parents not to make payment until a proper decision is arrived during the negotiation with the DAE authorities and wait for the further direction from the Joint Action Committee.                   

Thanking you,

 Jayaraj KV

On Behalf of ‘Joint Action Committee of DAE Employees’

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