NFAEE is the one and only all India Federation of Atomic Energy Worker, recognised by Government of india/Department of Atomic Energy (DAE).

It represents the Industrial, Research & Development and Service organisations under Department of Atomic Energy.

26 Unions and associations of DAE Employees recognised under CCS (RSA) Rule are affiliated with NFAEE

Friday, May 22, 2009

National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees



Recognised by DAE vide DAE OM No. 8/1/2007 – IR&W/95 dated 13th June 2007

JCM Office, Brindavan, Anusaktinagar, Mumbai 400 094

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    Ref.No: nfaee/sg/09/063                                                             15.04.2009




All General Council Members



Dear Comrades,


        7th General Council Meeting NFAEE was held at VECC Kolkotta on 4th & 5th April 2009. Copies of the Minutes of the meeting, Working Report, list of participants, Confederation Resolution, etc is attached herewith.


        All General Council Members are requested to go through the minutes, & Working Report and, if any alteration, addition, omission, etc feel sto incorporate, please intimate the undersigned at the earliest.


        With fraternal Greetings.


Comradely yours



Secretary General


Address for Correspondence: Jayaraj.KV, Secretary General, NFAEE

PESS/UED; BARC, Trombay, Mumbai 400 085

Tel. No: (O): 022 – 25594549; (Res): 022 – 2746 4704; (Mobile): 9869501189

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At VECC Kolkotta 4th & 5th April 2009


Minutes of the meeting


I.      Seventh General Council Meeting of NFAEE was held on 4th and 5th April 2009 at VECC, Kolkotta


II.    The inaugural session of 7th General Council meeting of NFAEE was started at the Auditorium of VECC at 3.30 pm. The inaugural session was presided by Com. Sanjay Bhowmik, Vice President NFAEE & General Secretary VECCSA Kolkotta. Com. Subrato Majumdar VECCSA gave welcome address. The General Council meeting was inaugurated by Com. Piyush Roy, Secretary Co ordination Committee of Central Government Employees & Workers West Bengal. In his inaugural speech Com. Piyush narrated the struggle initiated by the Central Government employees in recent past and the result of the struggle by the Government employees’ movement. He summed up his speech by giving a call to all central Government Employees including DAE employees to ensure victory of the candidates in the ensuing general election to Loksabha who support the cause of the Central Government employees and other work force of the country to protect their right.  Shri. PS Roy of Central Government Employees Welfare Committee, West Bengal also spoke on the occasion. Com. G. Maniachari President NFAEE addressed in brief in the inaugural session. 


III.   After inaugural session the meeting had adjourned at 4.30pm for tea    break.


IV.   The delegate session started with welcome speech by Com. K V Jayaraj, Secretary General of NFAEE at 5.00 pm at the same venue. In his speech he had not forgotten to spell out the importance of the trade union movement in the present socio economic scenario and extended his gratitude for the support extended by the affiliates to lead NFAEE in all movements. He proposed a presidium consist Com. G. Maniachari, President, Com. M. Sangiah Working President, Com Sanjay Bhowmik Vice President and Com. Pothraj Sreenivasa Rao Vice President of NFAEE. The meeting passed a condolence resolution and all participants of the meeting stand up for two minutes in the memory of departed leaders and other distinguished personalities.  On behalf of the presidium, Com. G Maniacahri presented the presidential address. Shri. Maniachari, had given specific advises and guidelines to the leaders and delegates how to improve the existing capacity of the individual and then had invited Shri. S K. Panchal, National Council Members (JCM), to present the current developments at national level. Shri. S.K Panchal had explained all issues related national council level. Thereafter Shri. Krshnaji Bilaskar, the leader staff side reports the present developments in departmental council meeting. The staff side leader had a vast explanation about the matters taken in the DC meetings in his reporting. Both National Council and Departmental Council members had   specifically opinioned that the difficulty to get the solution through these forums and explained the importance to organize to get the demands success. Thereafter the presidium invited Com. R. Chandrasekhar, General Secretary, NFC Employees Association to present his views on general. 


V.     The President requested to the Secretary General to present the working report of NFAEE for the consideration of General Council meeting. SG had read out the report to the General Council for a detailed discussion. Since many of the delegates in the GC had opinioned that the discussion on the report shall require a discussion among the participants from various units before presenting their views in the GC and requested to adjourn the General Council for the day. Hence the Presidium adjourned the meeting at 7.30 pm to the next day, 5th April, for the discussion about the report presented by the SG and to conduct other business of the General Council meeting.


VI.   The adjourned meeting started at 9.30am in the second day of the GC, 5th April, and the President requested to have a healthy and meaningful discussion in the report. He had requested to the participants to submit their names to the presidium so that they can call one by one to present their views. To start the debate session he had invited Shri. Mohammed Iqbal Khan President, NFC Supervisory Staff Association, NFC Hyderabad. Shri Iqbal Khan had not forgotten to extend the sincere gratitude to the VECC Staff Association for their effort to organize this GC meeting in such a wonderful manner. He had shared the various points with the GC and expressed the views of NFC employees about the various issues pertinent to the DAE employees. He also expressed their appreciation about the report to the GC meeting. He had congratulated the Secretariat of NFAEE for their success in many issues.


VII.  There after following delegates from various units have expressed their views and opinions about the report and various anomalies aroused from the implementation of 6th CPC. 24 delegates representing 19 affiliated unions and association participated in the discussion on secretary General’s report.


1.    Iqbal Khan President, NFC Supervisory Staff Assn, NFC Hyderabad

2.    C.U. Jayakumar  Gen. Secretary, CATSA, RRCAT, Indore

3.    K. Gopu, President, AEEA, RMP Mysore

4.    Sureshkumar, AEEA IGCAR, Kalpakkam

5.    Vijay Kumar, Gen. Secretary, GSO SA, GSO Kalpakkam

6.    Baskar, GSO SA, GSO Kalpakkam

7.    R. Dhananjayan, President, BARCFEA, BARC Facilities, Kalpakkam

8.    Vittal rao, President, HWP (M) EA, HWP Manuguru

9.    M.P. Vijaykumar Yadav, President NFCEA, NFC Hyderabad

10.    Ganeshan, Gen. Secretary, Supervisory Staff Assn, HWP Tuticorine

11.    B.J.Lokhande, Jt. Treasurer, AEW &S Union, BARC Mumbai

12.    M.I.Parmar, Gen., Secretary BPKS, HWP Baroda

13.    T.K.Mitra, Vice Chairman, AIAEDPS (S) SA, DPS, Nagpur

14.    P. Venkateswaran, Gen. Secretary, AEEA, IGCAR, Kalpakkam

15.    V.P.Sasikumar, DC Member, AEW &S Union, BARC Mumbai

16.    Anji Reddy, DC Member, NFCEA, NFC Hyderabad

17.    Sreenivas, BARCFEA, BARC Facilities, Kalpakkam

18.    Sunil Pawar, Gen Secretary, DCS&EMSA, DCS&EM Mumbai

19.    Sunderlal, Gen. Secretary HWP (M) SASSA, HWP Manuguru

20.    Tiwari, CATSA, RRCAT Indore

21.    Venkat Reddy, HWP (M) EA, HWP, Manuguru

22.    T. Mohanan, President, AEEA, IGCAR Kalpakkam

23.    D.K.Kharol, Gen Secretary, RAKU, HWP Kota

24.    S.S.Maitry, President, VECCSA, VECC Kolkotta


VIII. During the delegate session the following points about the report had expressed by the delegates.


1.    At the out set all delegates were appreciated the effort taken by the VECC staff association to make the GC meeting a wonderful event.

2.    All delegates had congratulated and appreciated the effort taken by the Secretary General, NFAEE to prepare such a self explanatory and well-organised report. It covers the present International, National and organizational matters dealt by various organizations and the contribution of NFAEE to such movements. All the delegates appreciated the method of drafting.

3.    Some of the delegates had expressed their views that report had not touched any successes of our movements at department level and opinioned to add all the successes points also in the report so that the bottom level members shall able to know the contributions of Federation and the affiliates towards various issues.


Hence they have pointed out the following successful issues to add to the report:


a) Repayment of CHSS contribution deducted from the pay commission arrears.

b) Increased rate in the update allowance with effect from 2005 - 2006 and the arrears for one year for the same

c) Effort taken to include the cat-II trainees joined before 31/12/03 as trainee or otherwise, in the old pension scheme.

d) Effort taken to consider service period as casual labour for the pay fixation for the casual labours those who have appointed as permanent employee.

d) Effort taken along with confederation of central government employees to review the bonus from 2500 to 3500 and one-year arrear for the same.

e) 6th CPC had removed the sealing of campus for transport allowance as per the proposal from the Federation to the 6th CPC.

f) Effort taken for hiking the income sealing of the dependent for CHSS benefit from Rs.4000 to Rs.8000.

g) The effort for getting revision of OTA for Industrial units

h) To exercise a fresh option to change the fixation on promotion to the employees who got promotion after 2005.


4.    Many of the delegates had appraised the importance of participation in such meetings by all the eligible members of the council for a proper implementation of the decisions taken in such meetings and condemn such absences.

5.    It is also expressed by the delegates from NFC to try for more than one member to National JCM and requested to select their nominee from NFC.

6.    Delegate from various units had requested to have more updating and initiative in the JCM for such as Department Council as well as National Council while taking up the issues.

7.    All delegates have narrated the meeting with the Chairman as the remarkable success of the Federation for their struggle organized under the leadership of NFAEE.

8.    Delegates have made the suggestion that the information sought under the right to information shall be circulated to all affiliates.

9.     Delegates also opined the requirement for common canteen policy among all DAE units.


IX.   The delegates participated in the GC meeting had brought the following anomalies to the notice of GC for further persuasion with the concerned authorities either at DAE level or at National level:


1.    Pay protection in the pay band for all posts.

2.    Irrational approach of the Pay Commission while giving benefit on promotion as there is no gradual increase in the Grade Pay.

3.    As per the OM issued by the DAE in the month of December 2008 to implement the recommendation of Dr. Suri committee, the benefited employees are restricted their benefit only at Grade Pay.

4.    On par with the recommendation after the 2nd CRR, the pay scale of Rs6500 had taken to Rs.7500 in some cases were Dr. Suri committee had taken Rs. 6500 to Rs.7450 only.

5.    Present payment of OTA in R&D and other non-industrial units is totally contradicting the concept of equal pay for equal jobs. Hence the revision of OTA is very much essential to keep the basic concept as per the fundamental right.

6.    The present revision of DA while on official tour is basically deviates the very basic idea of DA on official tour as narrated in the Fundamental rule. DA is being paid as the compensation to the employees to stay away from their head quarter. If this is paying only for the cost of their food and stay against the production of the bills, then why we cannot demand compensation for the extra hours we work as travel.

7.    Restriction implemented in CCL should be removed since CCL will be meaningless with this restriction.

8.    Proper actions/discussion/intervene are required with DAE management level before they finalize the mode of payment of children education allowance for the year 2008-09. Otherwise the DAE may take wrong interpretation of the clarification issued on 23/11/08.

9.    Since the agglomeration of suburban population is also being considered for the payment of HRA after the implementation of 6th CPC, reclassification of all cities is required as per the current/2006 population.

10.          The discriminatory attitude of the department in the exclusion of SA/F and SA/E from the payment of update allowance and two special increments was taken the GC as painstaking and illegal as per the affidavit given by the department. It further established while placing the SA/E & SO/C in different pay band though both were in the same pre revised pay scale

11.          The Ministry of Urban Development made changes in the eligibility for departmental accommodation by which the criteria for getting accommodation has been changed from the basic pay to grade pay. By doing so, the employees who crossed the pay corresponding to the revised pay will not get higher category of accommodation unless he gets the certain grade pay defined for each category of accommodation.

12.          The long pending issue pertaining to switch over from CPF to GPF

13.          Revision on departmental related incentives/allowances such as NRPSA, QIS and to formulate methodology on night duty allowance to the employees who perform night duty irrespective of their pay as done in the case of Railway employees.

14.     The delay in implementing the package on PRIS offered to DOS.

15.    The concept of double all allowances was given away while revising the special compensatory allowances as 240 and 400 for the employees having grade pay upto Rs5400 and above Rs5400 respectively. Thus the employees who were in receipt of Rs160 is just get an additional amount of Rs80 in place of 160, if the allowance is doubled as per the recommendation.

16.    The deviation by the Department which given in the court of law that there will no be any discrimination in pay & status while operating the promotional post from SA ‘C’ to SA ‘D’/SO ‘B’, SA ‘D’ to SA ‘E’/SO ‘C’ and so on. Now those who are moved into gazetted stream are getting additional pay in the way of difference in the Update Allowance as well as two increments.


X.     In the organizational matters many of the delegates were pointed out the following issues:


1.    Importance of paying the annual subscription towards NFAEE in time and requested to pay the dues in time.

2.    The attitude of some affiliates failure in implementing the decisions taken in the various working committee meetings of the Federation.

3.    The attitude of the department to take various vindictive actions for the peaceful manner agitation like Dharna and urged the secretariat to take this matter with the appropriate forum for a permanent solution.

4.    The failure in taking proper agitation actions and implementing the same and criticized the withdrawal from the nationwide one day strike organized by the various trade unions on 20th August 2008 with out any commitment from the department.

5.     Pointed out the variation in the minutes of the meeting held with the Chairman, DAE on 11th Feb. 2009 circulated by the Federation immediately after the meeting and the official minutes circulated recently.

6.    The action of the DAE management for their casual approach towards the issues.


After the presentation of various views by the delegates the President invited Com. Tapan Bhatacharya General Secretary SINP Employees Union and Vice President NFAIE (DAE) to address the delegation. In his brief speech, Com Tapan recalled the joint movement in the earlier days and the support extended by NFAEE to organize an all India forum for Aided units in DAE.


XI.           Then the presidium requested the treasurer to present the audited statement of income and expenditure for the period 1/1/2007 to 31/12/2007 and un-audited statement of the same for the period 1/1/2008 to 31/12/2008. Treasurer had given reasonable explanations to the queries asked by the delegates about the statement of accounts. After detailed discussion the GC unanimously passed the account and authorized the Secretariat to present the accounts for auditing. The Secretary General asked all affiliates to submit their subscription and donation collected before end June 2009.


XII.       The Secretary General then proposed the resolutions to be adopted in the General Council on various issues, which included the proposals received from various affiliates. The meeting adopted resolutions on following issues:


1       Against the unilateral decision to hike the tuition fees in Central Schools running by AEES

2       To continue and strengthen bilateral discussion with NFAEE

3       To strengthen the JCM fora at National as well as Department level

4       To revise the OTA for R&D and other Non industrial units

5       To continue and enhance the Patient Care Allowance

6       To withdraw the OM issued to modify the Child Care Lave

7        To stop terrorizing the TU activities

8       To start operational activities in HWP Tuticorine

9       Against the deviation by the Department which given in the court of law that there will no be any discrimination in pay & status while operating the promotional post from SA ‘C’ to SA ‘D’/SO ‘B’, SA ‘D’ to SA ‘E’/SO ‘C’ and so on. Now those who are moved into gazetted stream are getting additional pay in the way of difference in the Update Allowance as well as two increments. It further established while placing the SA/E & SO/C in different pay band though both were in the same pre revised pay scale

10 To come out with PRIS as extended in Department of Space

11 To continue the Departmental accommodation based on pay and not on Grade Pay

12 To continue the Compassionate Ground appointment

13  To enhance all Departmental related Allowances such as NRPSA, QIS   and to adopt package for NDA as done in Railways

14 To protest against the decision to outsource the group D posts

15 To extend the criteria for getting Children Education allowance for higher education also.

16 To implement the recruitment & promotional policy for Canteen employees without any delay

17 To ensure the pay, safety and other matters pertaining to the contract labours working in various DAE units


XIII. The presidium asked the SG to sum up the issues presented by the delegates. The SG narrated the actual story about the minutes of the meeting held on 11th Feb 2008 to the GC. Similarly he narrated in details about the history of the Cadre Review Report and other issues for which the delegates sought clarifications.   He also assured that all the anomalies shall be segregates as per the platform whether at National level or at Department level and prepare detailed proposal on behalf. He also request to the delegates to submit the details of the arguments to support our demands. After the summing up by the Secretary General, the GC meeting unanimously passed the report.


XIV. On behalf of the presidium, President informed the GC that the agenda to nominate the National Council Member, for the queries of the delegates the Presidium and Secretary General clarified that since there was no apex level organization exists earlier days, the National Council Member was nominated by Staff side meeting of DAE Departmental Council. Since the Department has recognized NFAEE and the right of the General Council includes electing National Council Member to represent as it is constitutionally approved by the Department while according its recognition. However the Secretariat propose to continue the present set up till the term of the present Member National council expires, to elect a new member National Council.


XV.   The Secretary General briefed the decision of the National Executive Committee of Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers held at New Delhi on 2nd April 2009. The meeting through a resolution called upon all Government employees to ensure the victory of such candidates who will support the causes of Central Government employees such as to protect their pay, pension and other facilities, to stop the privatization of Government establishments and PSUs, etc. The General Council meeting adopted the resolution and called upon all DAE employees to vote the right candidates who will support the cause of the work force of the country. Copy f the resolution adopted in the National Executive meeting of Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers is attached as Annexure I.


XVI. Com. Sanjay Bowmick, General Secretary, VECC Staff Association, Kolkotta had given the vote of thanks.


XVII. The meeting ended with a concluding speech by Com. Maniachary, the President NFAEE at 18.30 hours


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